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"For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, 
that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."
~Romans 15:4


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I was reading the covenant that God made with Abraham in the Book of Genesis. specifically Books 12 through 22.

God told Abram that his name would now be "Abraham" and that his seed would multiply as the stars in the sky. 

"And the LORD appeared unto Abram, and said, Unto your seed will
 I give this land: and there he built an altar unto the LORD, 
who appeared unto him." 
- Gen. 12:7

"For all the land which you see, to you will I give it, and to your seed for ever." 
- Gen: 13:14-15

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God made many His Covenant with Abraham and his son, Isaac after him. God promised that he would make Abram's seed as the dust of the earth in number and Abram's descendants would be as the stars in the sky.

In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, 

"Unto your seed have I given this land, 
from the river of Egypt unto the great river, 
the river Euphrates." 
- Gen. 15:18

God said that He would establish His conditional covenant that he had with Abraham, with his descendants. God also said that he would give the land of Canaan to Abraham's descendants as an everlasting possession. God then establishes circumcision as a sign of the covenant.

This is a conditional covenant that was to be for Abraham's descendants. After the time of Christ, this was modified. Now to become a heir of Abraham, circumcision is not simply a physical act, but is done internally of the heart. It was changed from the physical to spiritual.

These scriptures from Genesis foretold many, many years before Christ and continue to endure to our age. This is the purpose of Romans 15:4, as an example that whatever things were written aforetime, no matter a day, a week, of many years, the very fact that they endure even now from thousands of years ago, it does and should give each of us Hope.

God's covenant with Abraham flowed to his first son, Isaac, who kept the covenant, as did the many descendants of Abraham, of which we are all descendants.

There is love, caring, promises and the like, but nothing endures within us as great as our Hope Without hope, what do we have?

An atheist will tel you there is no God. Pity the ones who feel this way for they have no HOPE. They feel that when you die, you're gone for good, a black hole of nothingness. What a sad way to live. Until I knew God and the Son, I see now that I had no HOPE. I lived in the moment and never contemplated a time when I would be my age. To our youth, it is impossible to imagine oneself as old, with children and grandchildren. This is our legacy - our family.

God spoke to Abraham and repeatedly referenced his "seed", which there would be many like the stars above (too many to count), and they would rule all of the countries of the land. He told Sarah, Abraham's wife, of this covenant. She would bear many children and all were destined to be Kings, according to God's covenant. Man w0uld come to one of her sons who became a King and bow at his feet. God promises that he would bless Abraham's seed as the stars of heaven and as the sand on the sea shore.

"That in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying 
I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heaven, 
and as the sand which is upon the sea shore;" 
- Gen. 22:17

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Again, God says that the seeds of Abraham would be innumerable. It has been ffulfilled in the British Empire and the United States which possessed every major land and sea gate of the world.

We are Abraham's decedent's and it is this same covenant that we must embrace and make it with God. This can be seen as your Salvation, and once you possess it, no one on earth can take it from you. It is from God above, through the gift of His only Son's death on the cross.

These things were written before the time of Christ. So even then, before the coming of the Son of God and the Son of Man, God was making the lasting covenants with his chosen people throughout the Bible on what would be forever and ever IF they kept his precepts.

Everyone needs HOPE. Losing HOPE is almost like losing a loved on to death When the HOPE you have is gone, there is left nothing but emptiness. What a sad, sad way to live. There is always HOPE and even if you lose it, it remains there in your heart. You must find the key and open the door to reveal HOPE once again.

There are people who have no home, no job, no food or money. Consider yourself a very blessed person if you have a roof over your head and food to eat, for there are many who are in dire straits and have lost their HOPE. It is such a sad thing to see. Perhaps you can seek out a way to help by volunteering in soup kitchens, or delivering food to the elderly every day. My mother-in-law was in the program that delivered food to the elderly. She had only four people and they were all in close proximity to one another. They had a roof over their heads, but they didn't have a decent meal. This was a wonderful ministry and you may only deliver three days a week. You might then choose to cook and give of your own food to these people. That is just one way that you can see a lack of HOPE being restored through the ministry of delivering food to the poor.

God is blessing you. Some are blessed with many children; some are barren, yet they adopt or simply live out their lives childless. Children are a joy and they also give you HOPE when you look at them and care for them, and then you think of the time when they will grow up. Trust me, these days are going by faster than ever. 

Embrace your Joy, Hope, Love, and know that all of these are of God, for God tells us Himself that HE IS LOVE. If you feel love, it is a very spacial thing that comes from God. Praise him, Praise his name and Praise the name of the Son Jesus. Give back your love to God by doing good not just for yourself, but for others around you.

Go in Peace, to Love and Serve the Lord. Amen.

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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