Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Dearest Friends,

Just a reminder that the Novena of Our Lady of Lourdes begins tomorrow and I will do my best to post each day's prayers.  I also received an interesting card saying that Our Lady of Fatima's statue will be in my area this year and I can schedule a time for her to spend in my home. I'm not sure of the source but will check it out and let you know.

I have been iabsent for some time now. First, I lost my best friend, one who encouraged my writing and from whom I heard every day. It's been a let-down as we promised to never leave one another, and I miss the daily emails and Skypes we had. But I pray God blesses him in this "new path" that he feels he must move toward.


In the last two years, God has laid many challenges on my shoulders. First, my grandson was taken away and his mother forbid him to come for nearly two years. Now the stepfather is trying to adopt him and states in his petition that my son and I abandoned our precious little boy. Their petition is an exercise in classic perjury and its in writing. I feel the judge will frown on them. They want the mother's husband to adopt our little one and for two years, we were denied visitation, they moved and we knew not where, and when we received the petition, we learned they had moved a lot closer to us. I have cried a river over my grandson for we had such a bond and it broke my heart. I began praying in earnest two years ago, and I was finally able to leave it to God and I see the petition for adoption as God bringing this to a head and bringing our little boy back to us. I know not what he was told and I am angry that his mother used him as a pawn in her grand scheme of things.

My health has declined and it's not something that cannot be remedied over time, either by surgery and/or therapy. I have Degenerative Disc Disease, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and bursitis. Too many ails for a woman my age. I'm too young to be facing these things.

My marriage has been like a roller coaster - UP and DOWN constantly.  I just want peace in the valley, not the constant criticism I receive. Even my children talk out of line to me. I would never even think of, much less actually speak to my own mother they way they have addressed me at times.

So you see, I have carried a rather large load, but maybe you have to be here to really see it. I cried for a solid year. I cried and prayed and begged God to please restore my grandson to my life. That has been two years. It was difficult, but the only way I found peace was that my love and trust in our Lord increased and I was able to give this problem TO HIM! My grands Godmother has always been of such great faith that she said she gives everything to Him and then forgets about it. I thought, "how does one do that?"  I gave this to God a couple of times but I kept taking it back and as long as I did that, God would not answer my pleas. I finally gave this and also my son who didn't speak to me for 9 months to God and I told him, "I'm going to try my best to be strong and give this to you. Please help me to be strong, for I love and trust You and know you will help me."

My son had been engaged to a girl he grew up with in our old church and she had three children, plus two more that had been adopted by others. This is not the type woman I wanted my son to marry. I prayed that God would remove her from his life, even though I knew it would devastate him. 

God started the ball rolling in October 2016 when the girl broke up with him and returned to her pedophile ex-husband. I was so glad, but I had to comfort him and be there for him. We have been working on the close relationship that we always had before 2 years ago. Losing this girlfriend was a catalyst to him taking an interest in trying to find a way to pay to get his son. We didn't have to do anything. We were sued for adoption by the husband of our little one's mother. I know both of these things came from God! Praise His Holy Name!

So I am working on our case in the adoption and will prove that the young man who is too big for his britches has filed an erroneous action full of perjuries statements in order to try and adopt Cooper. When a father is present, has been denied visitation, the mother moves and changes her number so he had no way to contact her, the last thing she said to him was, "if you want to see Cooper, take me to court."  His job situation is the final prayer that I laid at the foot of the cross. I want  him to get a good job that he can be happy with, and find a love interest who is of good morals, loves him honestly, and will be an asset to his life. My son is a very sensitive young man. He's always had to have a woman in his life. I want him to learn what priorities means.

In summary, this is my testimonial that I see God working in my life. He has restored my son to my life, He is working on restoring Cooper to our lives (we now knows where he lives because of the address in the petition).  Once Cooper is back in our lives, I pray that God will guide my son on a path where he will find a real love, a love for a lifetime. I also await that great job. I have told him of several jobs that make more than he's ever made but he doesn't see any interest, not even monetary. I told him that if he didn't get a really good job, he'd still be living with his Dad in five years! How depressing.

God truly does act in mysterious ways. I KNEW that He was working on our prayers; that it wasn't a simple matter; that He had to go through the lives of several people and move them in the right direction that would end in an opportunity for us to get Cooper. One of those people was his former girlfriend. I didn't care for her and I knew she was not the caliber person that he deserved; he was settling.

God answers prayers. It is difficult to sit back and wait, but we must! "Ask and you shall receive" makes one think it happens immediately. But that is not how God works. He is going to work this out for us because we love, believe in, and trust His Will. It has been so hard, but we're almost there.

So if you are having difficult times, truly turn it over to God. Love him and show him that you have great faith and trust, and I guarantee you, that at the right time, your prayers will be fulfilled. Ours is a loving God and doesn't like to see any of his children suffer. He is also merciful and kind! Trust and have Faith ...............

I would be very interested in hearing your story. You can post it via Comment and if you do not want it published, I will keep it safe from the public. All comments need my approval before they are posted on the blog. You may sign in as "Anonymous" also. Please send to me your prayers so that I can pray for you, also.  God bless you!


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