Saturday, February 04, 2017


Good Morning to all You Beautiful People, Children of our Father, God! I pray your day is beginning with sunshine! We have plenty of that, but it is also very cold!


“I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all, but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess.”
Martin Luther


I was reminiscing with my girlfriend yesterday. We both told stories from the times of being a child all the way to adulthood and marriage.

In reminiscing, I had the most vivid images in talking about Mom and Dad. There are so many things that are lost to the memory, but I hope that I have kept the happiest and funniest!

I spoke of clothes, fashions and that led to "I used to make my own clothes" and I suddenly remembered the black case in the bedroom that holds the little black, Singer sewing machine where I first kearned to sew. My mother never really used it, so when I was grown, she gave it to me and said "Take care of this because it was my 16th Birthday gift. That birthday was 69 years ago. And when my new sewing machine acts up, I go and retrieve the little black Singer. It still runs like a top. I keep oil in it and move the arm by hand to sort of push things around because I go many months and never use it.

I think that Singer is such a part of me and my history that it is like it is glued to me.

Then there is the red and white striped sweater I wore with a black skirt and white blouse for game day in high school. There was about 50 of us and we all had the same uniform and sat together in our own sections at game times.  I really wish I had that sweater. I have no idea where I left it, but it is one of those things I reminisce about. We were the Rebel Spirits!

I didn't talk to my grandmother enough about her history when I was young. I have a few things that I stored, but I so wish I had asked more questions. But at that age, you don't think about being 60 or 70 years old. All my grandmothers costume jewelry is so in style now, but my sister got it and she gave it to her two girls who were small and tore it all to pieces. Even the broaches are lost.

When I realized a few years ago, after my mother's stroke, that I was missing a lot of history, I began talking to my mother and taking in all of the memories she can have. Some are lost to either not wanting to talk about them, or just permanently lost from her memory. 

But the memories that I have stored will be a big help in writing my book.

I have held many things in my hands: my Rebel Spirit sweater, my mother's sewing machine, wedding rings now gone from first marriage, the great love I experienced for four years in my 20's, and on and on..  The things that I retain are a gift from God. I don't know that I sat down or kneeled and gave things to him, but I do reminisce with God about my mother and dad when they adopted me and my sister. The pretty outfits mom loved to buy for us. She was barren so she had a hay-day long ago in Selma, Alabama, where my new dad was in the Air Force and was stationed there.

I have given my most precious of all things, my parents, daughter, son, grandchildren and husband, for safekeeping. I remind God every time I say my prayers for their safekeeping and good health. Everything that is special to me is held by God even though I still hold them in my heart and life.

It's a beautiful thing about God, how he opens his arms wide and can love zillions of people all at once, take care of their needs, and families. I Am. And he always will be. I am blessed beyond anything I can think of. I don't want or need a thing that I don't already have. My husband tells me when I go antiquing "don't buy anything; we don't have a place to put another thing!" <smile>

I would like to post a contemporary song about the Father. It was given to me by one of my fellow Christian bloggers. It's unbelievably beautiful and I still have that in my mind. But it has also been of and or the Father.


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