Monday, November 07, 2016


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Peace be unto you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

In these most difficult times all around the world, take pity on those who do not know Jesus or the Word of God! For those of us who are of Christian faith are as plagued as anyone with bad times. The difference is that we have a place, a King above all Kings to whom we can run and find shelter and peace.

We will never find the kind of peace on earth that exists in heaven. Even though He told us Himself to not be troubled or afraid, it is near impossible in varying situations. We are human and we feel hurt and torn when things occur to us that could bring us down.  If not for Christ and God, to whom we flee in times of trouble, it would certainly be a very woeful life. Many people would probably seek to end their own lives to escape such turmoil. They are the weak in spirit and we cannot and should not judge them. It is one of the most selfish things a human being can do; however, many suffer so much of which we are unaware, and therefore, pray for their peace and that Christ will accept them into heaven.

I've lived what I refer to as five lives. Each one was different. My life here where I am now has lasted for 46 years. In all of these times, I have suffered much heartbreak due to my own stupidity. But every downfall ended when, with time, I becam upright again, and I was then able to laugh at myself for being in such a dreary state over such small matters.

I have been a Catholic since 1985, but it was 20 years later that I finally found my God. He first brought me to my knees, which is a good place to pray, and then he allowed me to come Home to Him in my prayer, way of life and the way that I live among others.

Oh, I am not without sufficient troubles and they, too, have brought me to my knees. It was not until one day my husband said "you need to get on your knees and thank God for what you have [not to worry about what you do not have]."  I decided to take him up on this task, and I found myself on my knees. I began a recitation of each and every blessing for which I owe him my life. Indeed, I cried a river as I held onto the book full of names of those who have asked me to pray for them. I cried a river and was humbled and contrite. I was ashamed. I have a wonderful family around me and they are at the top, just under God and Christ.  As I stopped my prayer and stayed there in my humility, God spoke to me again: "Why do you weep, my child?" I didn't have to answer; He already knew. "Have you not known for so long how much I love you? You are my child and I will always provide for and protect you. But you must give up your worldly worries to me. Do you not know that I already have all of this in my hands for you? Go now and weep no more, for I love you with my greatest heavenly love." "Amen!," I said.

It is difficult when a sudden tragedy of sorts hits our lives that we immediately begin worrying about how to undo this tangled trial. But, we all must learn that the FIRST thought should be to find a quiet place and pray. Pray until your heart has emptied itself of all your worries. Think nothing of time, only that this is YOUR time with HIM!

We are going to need all of the trust and faith that we can muster in the future, so be ready for whatever comes your way and know that our Father in heaven already has the outcome planned for you. But he expects your faith and trust in return. No too much to ask, is it?

Lovingly in Christ,

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