Friday, September 02, 2016


Zechariah 9:9
Rejoice greatly, daughter of Zion! Shout, daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king comes to you! He is righteous, and having salvation; Lowly, and riding on a donkey, Even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.
I believe that I am a "visual" individual because when I read, whether it be the Bible or a novel, visual images come to my mind without any effort. I can see an image of Jesus in this scripture.
Can you even imagine living in those days? By word of mouth, the whole nation knew of the man, Jesus, who called himself the Son of God. Those who believed did everything when he was near to attend his sermons. And his coming to their town was such an honor for them.
I believe it was a lowly colt that Mary also rode to Bethlehem being 9 months pregnant with the Son of God and Man. A woman in the modernized world today could not possible endure such a feat! We're so spoiled by technology, but glad that we are when it comes to bringing a new life into the world.
But Jesus had no ego. His status was insignificant to Him. He had an agenda that was given to him by his father, and that was all that concerned him.
Are you righteous? Think hard and examine your inner being, your soul. To assist you, the definition of righteous is: 
acting in accord with divine or moral lawfree from guilt or sin. 
It is impossible to be completely sinless, as Jesus was, but are you making the effort to live according to God's law? Is your morality unquestionable. Do you have your salvation? You should know the answer to this right away! 
I can see Jesus, our Savior who died a very cruel death for me and YOU, riding on that colt into various towns around Israel. His name and reputation preceded him everywhere that he went, and people pushed and shoved just to touch the cloth of his robe. He is certainly righteous and had his salvation before he was ever born.
If Jesus comes in our time, I cannot imagine what it would be like. The sky growing dark with clouds and then the bright opening where suddenly, Jesus appears to take his people home. I would like to see that, but if I don't, I'm happy enough to just go to heaven, for he will be there. I will get down and kiss his precious feet that traveled so many miles to convince people to embrace his father and his father's laws. God had the most perfect son; and in him, he was and is deeply proud.
Jesus loves YOU! Can you not reciprocate that love? You can, but you have obstacles of greed, desire, the "how much" in life standing in your way. Kick those things aside and go to Mass or your church and renew your vows silently to Christ. Then follow up by attending every week. As humans, we desperately need this time to be in "class" and hear the "teacher" at the podium. It refills our spiritual tanks to go and live a righteous life. Don't forget to spread the word on your way. That will make your life all the more special both here and in the hereafter. God is waiting; Jesus is waiting. They give you infinite love. Don't be afraid to love them, and love them with everything you have in you!
Have a beautiful day in the Lord!

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