Thursday, September 08, 2016


1 Micah 5:1-4a
The LORD says:
You, Bethlehem-Ephrathah,
too small to be among the clans of Judah,
From you shall come forth for me
one who is to be ruler in Israel;
Whose origin is from of old,
from ancient times.
(Therefore the Lord will give them up, until the time
when she who is to give birth has borne,
And the rest of his brethren shall return
to the children of Israel.)
He shall stand firm and shepherd his flock
by the strength of the LORD,
in the majestic name of the LORD, his God;
And they shall remain, for now his greatness
shall reach to the ends of the earth; he shall be peace.
 Haven't you heard? That our Lord Jesus is alive, and that he will be with us forever and ever! Jesus' birth was predestined. The Lord chose Mary, the most chaste and free from sin woman in the world to bear his son. When she found that she was pregnant, she went to Joseph and told him about the angel, the dove of The Holy Spirit who came to her and told her that she woud bear God's earthly son.

Joseph took this with hardness until, as he slept, The Holy Spirit told him that Mary had become pregnant immacullately by the Father. Joseph then took her as his wife. 

The above scripture foretells of the one who is to be the ruler of Israel will come.  And the baby was born and raised by Mary and Joseph until his heavenly Father began to direct his way. If he was not around, all the need do was look inside the Temple. Jesus was always there teaching and the rest of the priests were mesmerized. Even this, at age twelve.

Jesus grew up and "he will shepherd his flock" doesn't necessarily mean lambs or goats, it mean his flock of people! Of that flock, you are a member. Jesus is  shepherding your way and it is up to you to be prayerful and silent, and listen for his call.  His voice subllime and gentle, will direct you in times of trouble and in times of good. Listen to him!

Jesus as stood firm to shepherd his flock ever since his crucifixion. He is still there for you and for me. Jesus loves you! Give him all the love in your heart for it is his great desire to receive  your love, and to bring you to salvation. Jesus is with you every second of every day of your life. We do not know how this can be, but when we all get to heaven, I believe that all will make sense.

Jesus is standing next to you right now. He is watching and listening to all that you do. Can you simply whisper his name and tell him of your unfailing love?

Lovingly in Jesus,

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