Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The following is Our Lady of Medjugorje's September 2, 2016 monthly message on the day for nonbelievers through Mirjana:

“Dear children, according to the will of my Son and my motherly love, I am coming to you, my children, but especially to those who have not yet come to know the love of my Son. I am coming to you who think of me and who invoke me. To you, I am giving my motherly love and I am carrying the blessing of my Son. Do you have pure and open hearts, and do you see the gifts, the signs of my presence and love? My children, in your earthly life, be led by my example. My life was pain, silence and immeasurable faith and trust in the Heavenly Father. Nothing is by chance: neither pain, nor joy, nor suffering, nor love. All of these are graces which my Son grants to you and which lead you to eternal life. Of you, my Son asks for love and prayer in Him. As a mother I will teach you: to love and to pray in Him means to pray in the silence of your soul and not only reciting with your lips; it is even the least beautiful gesture done in the name of my Son - it is patience, mercy, the acceptance of pain and sacrifice done for the sake of another. My children, my Son is looking at you. Pray that you also may see His face and that it may be revealed to you. My children, I am revealing to you the only and real truth. Pray that you may comprehend it and be able to spread love and hope; that you may be able to be apostles of my love. In a special way, my motherly heart loves the shepherds. Pray for their blessed hands. Thank you.”

This month's message from Our Lady to Mirjana speaks to what brought me to my apostleship for her and her son, Jesus. She reveals so much on behalf of Jesus that we all need to put into practice. Praying unceasingly is praying without moving your lips, but through the connection that your mind has with Jesus.
In accepting the pain and sacrafice, no matter how much the hurt, your dependence upon Jesus is crucial, and I cannot express that enough. Our Lady went through much pain at the sight of her son when he appeared dragging his cross to Calvary. She saw how he had been beaten to a pulp, all the blood and the crown of thorns upon his head. It was in this place that Jesus had, months earlier, been cheered and palms laid beneath where he rode his donkey through the crowds. How can people be so cruel and change their minds about the Grace of Jesus that had been preached to them for three years?

I cannot answer, but suffice to say that God was there with his Son and it was He who led Jesus through his Passion for us. I'm not sure Jesus realized the gravity of what was to come, only that he would die in the name of his Father, God.

Turn to the most tender part of your heart, and pray to Jesus daily. Also revere his mother, Our Lady, for she is the champion of the salvation for so many who have yet to come to her Son. 

Jesus told us that the only way to God and heaven was through Him (Jesus). You must give up your wants for beautiful things, money, prestige and power and give your entire self to Jesus.

Allow me to tell you what happened to me yesterday. Many of you know that I was having a CT and an MRI on my spine. It is in bad shape and I am sure that I will have to have surgery. My heart was down and I felt so sad at the prospect of this surgery. As I laid on the table with my hands above my head, waiting for the test to begin, in my mind I said, "I am not afraid. I know you are here with me, Jesus, and because you are here, all fear is taken away. I love you so much!" As soon as I had said all this in my mind, I felt something on my hands, and I KNOW that it was Jesus holding my hands so that I would not be afraid. This is a first, and I KNOW it to be true. Jesus was soothing me and I felt him.

Once your faith reaches such heights, you will fully experience the miracles of Jesus, the Son of God. To me, feeling his touch sent me over the moon. I had to be very still during the test and it was so difficult because I had just experienced Jesus holding my hands, soothing away my fears.

Come now, all you peoples, and embrace the Son of God. It is through Him, and Him only, that you will one day see the face of God. How powerful! What Amazing Grace!

Lovingly in Christ Jesus,

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