Thursday, August 11, 2016


I want to tell you a story about a many to whom I shall refer to as "John Doe".

Probably 12 years ago, John was on the police force in the town where I live. He was a motorcycle officer at the time.  He had a severe accident while on duty and it was the other driver's fault. John was nearly killed, and actually hung by a thread. He spent months in the hospital, he was so torn up, and went through numerous operations so that he could come home.

John finally recovered over time, but he had filed a lawsuit because he was unable to work. When it was settled, people around here speculated how much he got. (poor taste to do this) Anyway, he bought a brand new home for his family and two new cars. It took about two years, but he and his wife went through every penny and were evicted from their home.

The Doe family had moved around the area several times, with three children, just renting homes. The latest home they had lived in for a few years and the owner said he didn't want to rent anymore, but sell. So the Doe family had to find another place.

My husband received a text from John last week about getting U-verse, but there was nothing that my husband could do to speed it up.

Last evening, John got into his car, drove somewhere and shot himself dead. I feel so awful for the kids and his wife, especially. But I think back over the years we've known him. He put on a LOT of weight and he coached park football for my grandson's team until he was fired in favor of a new coach for lack of results. I recall seeing him standing way down the fence, alone, watching the football games that fall. That is the last time I saw him.

This is my message: People gossiped mercilessly on this man and his family. When all the while, he had no common sense about the money, but he had a wife and three children. Think how they were ostracized in the community and schools. It breaks  my heart.

THINK before you speak. REMEMBER that this other person is a Human Being and loved by Jesus. Refuse to listen to gossip about others. It's not right on any level.

I cannot imagine the pain that rested on his shoulders. He just couldn't manage life and care for his family. And for some reason, he felt they would be better off without him. I am praying that Jesus accepted him, for he had suffered much in this world.

My heart hurts. It hurts for anyone who takes their own life. What are they thinking, what caused the feelings that one is not worth living in this world.  Today, I am praying for John and his family. And if you have the time, please say a prayer for John Doe and his family. They're going to need a lot of help.

I must leave you now; this has left me bereft. I will be praying and pray that you also join me,

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Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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