Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Years ago, I was an impatient person, one who wanted results now, not later. I was not content to await things to come to fruition in their own time. But since my conversion was completed, I have found that I sit and discern my relationship with God and Jesus daily. I recall people who have been in my path in recent time, and how I interacted with those people.

God has certainly had a profound effect on my personality, inside and out. Where once there was impatience, now lives patience; where once there was uncaring, now lives great care for others; where once there was haughtiness, now lives tremendous respect for all peoples; where once I may have fibbed a little white lie, there now lives complete honesty.

I await my Lord with anticipation, yet patiently. I respect and love God deeply; I am his child and my heart belongs to him as my Father and to Jesus as my brother. Who would treat their father and brother with unkindness and disrespect? I say, I am truly my Father's daughter and my Brother's sister. And I respect them above all others.

All these things I speak of are virtues, and some I have not come by easily, but once having them as a part of who I am, kindness, patience and love now live in me. Love, above all, lives in me. My greatest love has never changes. His name is God. Like a tenacious lover spurned, he chased me around all of my life. He found me about three years ago, and his transformation of me began immediately. It took time and His patience through many trials, two of them enormous, to see me to fruition as a faithful child.

A little twist on what John F. Kennedy said on the day of his inauguration, "ask NOT what God can do for you; but what you and do for Him." God needs your total and complete love all of the time. That takes commitment, huge commitment. But investing in the stock market is risky at best; investing in your Salvation and all things Heavenly is a sure thing. BUT, once you dedicate yourself and invest in this relationship, please be sure that it is for the right reasons and that it is for life!

I have my eye on the pie, and I don't speak of it that way intending to be disrespectful. It's that I have learned just what God can do, and I know that Heaven is a glorious place that is incomprehensible to earthly beings. I do not want to be left behind when Jesus comes for us. I want to be at the front of the line, but I'll accept being toward the end, just as long as I get to go with Him to His Father's house. I hear a special place has been prepared just for me! And that I will be there for all eternity!

Money can't buy it, but you do have to earn it. It's not that difficult and it just might make you feel good inside to be nice to people; to take the second place in line instead of always wanting to be first; to tell the truth and accept the consequences, instead of lying which leads to another and another and another ... til you get to a point that you forgot who you told what!

Take hold of your brother's hand. Let him lead you. Where he is going is a pretty awesome place. Just remember, you must earn it every day of your life, but in earning you will find the feelings inside yourself to be quite rewarding!
"Try to see Me more clearly in those around you and your entire association with others will be transformed...Be fully aware of those around you...and serve Me in them...Who can bring you closer to Me if not Myself hidden in the other person?...So, go to everyone without partiality. And since it is for Me, give them your whole self.  Go to the very outermost limit of your kindness...
"I am waiting for you-already giving you all the Grace you need, the Grace I want to make use of so that those who meet you will meet Me."

Lovingly in Jesus,

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