Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Isaiah 56:1

56 Thus saith the Lord, Keep ye judgment, and do justice: for my salvation is near to come, and my righteousness to be revealed.
In this single verse from Isaiah 56, the Lord expresses something quite profound. It is to be heeded, for it is our Salvation.
The Lord is telling us to be fair and just to all whom we encounter. Do the right and just thing in everything, especially in judging others. 
The Bible is full of simple verses that pretty much say the same thing as you find here. The very basic concept is this:
The Lord is telling us all that He
is coming soon!

The Lord IS coming soon! My heart is like that of a child who knows he is getting a wonderful treat, and the child is excited and cannot be still because he awaits his treat.
This is how we should be. We are so quick to judge others, even though the Lord has said "judge not, lest ye be judged". The Lord knows we are like children; we are HIS children, and He understands us beyond our own comprehension.
"for my salvation is near to come," means exactly that the Lord is coming soon! I know that he is coming very soon and I pray that it is in my lifetime. I sit and ponder what it will be like when he comes. We may not see His face, but we will know that he is here with us all.
All who have their salvation need not worry, as long as you have kept His commands. It is you who believe you have your salvation, but you continue to sin every day. Now, we are ALL sinners, but it is the humble prayer of forgiveness that we ask that makes God's heart tender. But the sinner who never confesses his sin to God, nor ever asks for forgiveness - this one may go through trials galore at the end before God will accept him. God will punish the sinners whose hearts he finds to be worth saving before He brings them into His Kingdom. Some sinners will be thrown into the fiery pit for God judges them to be beyond saving.
I know immediately when I have gone against God, and in the next second, I am asking forgiveness. I know he forgives, and like my earthly father, he will forgive and expects us not to repeat the sin.
So, be fair and just to all, "for I am coming soon to rescue you!"  What sweet words to my ears. I get all happy inside - is He coming today or tomorrow? I watch the skies every day wondering what it will be like to see the Son of God coming for the righteous. Oh, I worry so about those who will be left behind, but I cannot save them. Only YOU are in charge of your life and how you live it. With God? I pray that you will seek to be more worthy every day that you live until Jesus comes to take His own home.
Lovingly in Jesus,

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