Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Peace be with you✝

I have been away for 2 1/2 weeks now visiting my folks. It is difficult to write a blog on my phone but I am missing you and hear that some are missing me. This is partially a story about my mom and dad, and the guilt I carry around for being young and thinking I would be young forever and my parents would always be around. In other words, I took mortality for granted. Then I embraced my Salvation and learned of this:
Honor thy father and thy mother, so that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.
For me, I realized the gravity of time later in my life than I should have. Catching up with 1,000 miles between us is somewhat a challenge, but one that my husband realizes is important to me. His mother is a 4-hour drive, so spending time with her is much easier. She's a lovely 87 year old woman who loves to read and always loving toward me. She lives a short 4-hour drive from us, so spending time with her is a relatively short drive away.

My folks fell in love with Lee right at the start. Lee's father passed on in 1986, so he had no father figure for 15 years when Lee and I married.  It was a win-win situation because my dad had no sons. This had to be designed from heaven. It is a relationship that is 15 years and counting!

But, back to honoring your father and mother, I realize all too well now that some families are divided for one reason or another. It just came to me, how wonderful it would be if we prayed for those divided families, that God would bring them together?

My parents were very loving when they adopted my sister and me from my dad's sister and a bad situation. I can think of no greater love that has come to me, other than the births of my children. The circumstances of my 3 year old life were mostly neglect. God made a way for mom and dad to take us.

Both my sister and I left the state and went our own way as soon as we became of age, me - 1500 miles west and my sister 1,000 miles east. I have such guilt now over leaving them, when at the time, I selfishly thought only of myself. GUILTY! But, they never said a word about it, and I know they held each other and cried themselves to sleep. GUILTY!

Now I grieve slowly watching them as they age. I make at least 3 visits a year home to spend a few weeks with them.

By the way, the scripture I quoted was the first that also offers a promise: that thy days may be long upon  land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. I certainly do hope for a long life, one that will allow me to see my great grandchildren (when they come) and see them grow into young adults.

If what I am sensing about these times throughout the world is correct, then it leads me to believe that we are in the end times, and that Jesus will come in my lifetime.

This is all the more reason to follow God's Commandments! Embrace the Passion of Jesus: that  was mercilessly scourged at the pillar, then nailed toa cross until he died FOR ME AND FOR YOU, so that we may have the opportunity to live in the paradise called Heaven for eternity.

Realizing that one thing has led to another as The Holy Spirit guides me, I write as I am led.  I ask of you to recognize the beauty of a life with Christ as it is a part of each subject of my posts. 

Please pray for safe flights for my journey home on Sunday🙏🏻

May the Lord bless you with his mercies and graces!
Lovingly in Jesus Christ,


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