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I have said to friends and family, in jest, that I am not going to grow old gracefully. Suffice to say, when I was 20-something, being in my forties like my parents just didn't click. I could not wrap my brain around the fact that I could be, one day, in my forties, and now I am 60-ish, so you see where this is going?

What we fail to realize is that when you hear "life is short", it's the truth. Life IS short, and as time goes by, the months seem like a week and suddenly, it is Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Where does all of this time go?

It is true that many people are not Christians, and they are not nourishing their inner being in preparation for the end of their existence. But the light inner affliction, we know, is to not look at the world or for material things, it is to look to the unseen and be nourished every day by embracing the Flaming Heart of Love of Jesus Christ. 

With God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit (or The Holy Trinity), we have all that we need because they/He always sees that we have what we need, not necessarily what we want. I loved the following from Anthony Mullens' post below: "Divide your day into three parts, In the morning as soon as you awaken, give yourself to the Father Creator, who offers you His Son as your food. After Mass, give yourself to the Son, who is in you. And fall asleep in the Holy Spirit, who is Love."  

I believe the "momentary affliction" is our lives on earth. Have you heard someone say that a thousand years on earth is only a day in heaven? We won't know unless we get there.  And to get there, we must live happily with Him in our lives, all day and night, every day and night. Jesus and The Holy Spirit are in us if we have called them to ourselves, and in some cases, even if we have not called him. Have you ever had a near-disaster and said "thank you Jesus" when you or someone you love goes unharmed after what could have been a horrible thing that happen? That is Jesus protecting you. The Holy Spirit's job is to guide you. If you are listening to your heart, that is from where The Holy Spirit is speaking to you. You get this gnawing feeling that maybe I should or should not "this" or "that". That is The Holy Spirit trying to guide you.

I have a saying that I often use "if you have to ask yourself 'should I', the answer is always NO!" When I learned to do this, I learned to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. I'm laughing at telling you this, but it's true. I use it when I'm contemplating buying something and I think "do I really need it?" and the answer is always "NO!"  It could be one of any number of things you will ask yourself silently, and just stop and remember that if you have to ask, the answer is always no. 

I believe that is The Holy Spirit's way of guiding us away from things that we don't need or things that could possibly be harmful, etc.

So as you go through your momentary affliction of living your daily life, remember what you are truly working for. That is, your eternal life after death. Teach your children well, and honor thy father and thy mother, as well as your wife/husband.  We must live our lives certainly seeing many thousands of things, but its the things that are NOT seen that are of utmost importance. And that sometimes requires great Faith and prayer. You have to be willing to be still and listen for what God or Jesus answers. Sometimes it is right away, and other times, it takes a while. Be patient! Heaven is in control and always will be.

Heaven is not going anywhere. Where are you going? Remember:The things that are unseen are ETERNAL!

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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