Friday, May 27, 2016


And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great power and glory.
Mark 13:26

I cannot help but wonder how it will be when the day and the hour of Jesus' return to earth occurs.  How will the entire world be able to see him at once? A common assumption is "on television". Some believe that television cameras will be upon Jesus' second coming and that this is how we will all see him at once. I'm not sure about that notion, even though it makes sense.

But Christ is more powerful than we know. It is impossible to imagine ALL of the things that are known to Jesus and the Father. It is impossible to envision the creation of the earth and that is natural to the earth. I sit and look at the skies often and remain in a state of wonderment. "How will it be?", I ask myself. "Is he coming today?" "Will he be here in a few minutes, hours, days, months? When will He come and save us all?"

If Jesus is accompanied by thousands upon thousands, ten thousand by ten thousand angels, imagine the majesty and glory!!

The righteous will fall to their knees and open their arms wide to receive Him. The wicked ill run and hide, but there will be no place on this earth where evil will elude Jesus.  

Personally, I hope that Jesus comes soon. I am so ready for Him. My love burns in His flaming heart and that of our Mother. Will it be like a spirit form where we cannot touch him or his angels, but that our hands pass through their images?

There are so  many questions and all of them are impossible to answer except to say "believe" and "have faith". Be ready because he could come at any day or hour. And you don't want Jesus to find you drunk or in a state of committing a sinful act, do you? Imagine how you would feel if Jesus looked at you and said "no, you are not ready for me. You must stay behind for a while." Oh the devastation! I want to be in that number who look up, never to look down again, never to worry about anyone or anything ever again. I look forward to the time that I reach heaven and see its beauty and feel that total love all around and within my soul.

I want Jesus to teach me to never have any doubt about Him. I want to be a good disciple for Him. I want to believe in and see His blessings. I have many mountains within myself that need to be cast into the sea. Jesus, help me to believe that if I ask it of you, it will be done.

So, today I will as God in faith to remove the greatest mountain in my life, and I will trust that the words that I use in prayer are shared in the power of Jesus. I do have mountains, but one in particular that needs to be removed. I have prayed, but I can only feel that I have not had enough faith to fully give it to Him so that he can move it for me. On this, I must work harder.

Do you have a mountain or mountains in your own life that need to be moved? Our problem is that when we pray, we have the thought deep within ourselves that screams "I want it NOW!" Patience, my friends, is a very fine virtue. Be wise, be happy, live your life righteously and surround yourselves with righteous people, believe that He is going to move that mountain for you, and He will. It just takes faith!

Jesus love you! And He will be here soon, so be ready! You don't want to be left behind, right? Follow the lead and you will be in that special group of millions who will go with Jesus to heaven first. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Lovingly in Jesus,

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