Thursday, May 05, 2016

1 JOHN 4:10 THIS IS LOVE ....

1-john 4:10

Dearest Friends in Christ,

I have been away for a bit, but you can always count on me to return! I've had/have some health issues that need addressing and I'm not quite finished with that yet, but I miss bringing good news to all of you!

I do wonder about the people of B.C.  I believe they "worshipped" "their God", but was it the same God we worship. God gave us a world with many, many moving parts, some with beating hearts, and some that are like the weather, which God controls also.

I'll admit that I am no scholar on The Old Testament, but those who lived before the time of Christ did not have someone who died to save them from their sin and offer them the key to Heaven. Do you ever stop to think how very fortunate we are as God's chosen people? Thinking about people of long ago is almost like they didn't live, like a story, for example.

But, they did live, and because there was so much sin in the world, and God was so displeased with His people, He had Noah build the arc, bring a male and female of all species so that the world would be replenished again; and then, he flooded the earth to eliminate all the worshipping of false idols or gods, women behaving in such a spectacle way and men fighting over women and animals, and much more. Stop for a moment and think of the entire world that lived on this earth that was washed away so the God could begin again with his project of great love - Mother Earth and its inhabitants.

This brings a question to my mind and I do not have the answer, but, does this mean that we are all related to Noah and his family? How many more miracles did God create in order to have such a variety of  people in this world? Just something to ponder . . . .

God is Love, that should be more than obvious! The miracles that we as a people have seen and marveled didn't just happen on their own. Didn't something of a higher power have to create them? Of course! Every miracle is created by God out of his love, every prayer answered is out of his love, just a good night's sleep and waking rested is a miracle of love.

So, instead of destroying earth and all its inhabitants, God created his son in the womb of a woman he found worthy above all others, to be born and to die for our sins so that we have forgiveness and the greatest love of all to pardon us so that we may one day live in God's Kingdom. 

To create your child and have him grow to giving sermons to all in his path, and then to watch him suffer so much pain, and finally die ..... no other love is more powerful than this. You won't be able to love as much as God loves, but you should try with all your heart to love as God has loved you, evidenced by him sending his son to atone for all sin for all time.

This is a very tenuous time, Biblically, and now. And so NOW means that if you have not brought Christ to live in your heart and to bear your sins, you MUST do this now! I cannot stress enough how as more time passes, the role of Jesus becomes more vital to eternal life. More and more people are believing and giving their hearts to Jesus. 

What can you do? Live a life of example, and also spread the Good News about our Savior to others. Jesus will certainly  be proud of you.

May God bless you today with his Graces and Mercies,

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