Saturday, April 09, 2016


Ref: Acts 6:1-7 and John 6:16-20  

In reading this passage, one can see how very dependent the Disciples had become on Jesus. They traveled with him for three years. They saw many miracles and healings in those times. And they believed in Him.

But Jesus was crucified and was no longer in their midst. One example of their quandaries happened when the Hellenists complained to the Hebrews about all the widows and starving children who were not being given their distribution of food. The Disciples set out to remedy this problem, and thus, seven of the Disciples remained to see that the women and children received their portion, and the rest went to pray, and they also prayed for their fellow disciples feeding the widows and fatherless children.

So you see, they were now having to make decisions of Christian men devoted to Jesus and his teachings, a man whom they had depended on to make all decisions for them. But He taught them THE WORD! And then as now, that is what is called upon to help us through the stormy times in our lives

Then, there is the story of the men who got into the boat in terrible seas to try and cross to the other side. The waves were horrendous and large. They felt they would never make it, would probably capsize and die. Then they saw a figure of a man walking on the water.  He said, "do not fear, I am". But before they could ask Jesus to get into the boat with them, they had reached their destination.

In these times, our world is covered, it seems, with anger and violence. Violence is never the way to solve a problem, but when one starts, the others have to run for refuge and some will also die. It is heartbreaking, but these are things which must happen to fulfill Revelations. Prepare yourselves. Pray daily, several times if you can; keep the scriptures close; then go on with your life. Try not to watch too much tragedy on television or read in the papers. Keep your normal life as normal as you possibly can.

Jesus takes care of his own. Remember, "do not fear, I am". He is God and he will protect you and take you home when you die or if he comes in our generation, so there is nothing to fear. LIVE! PRAISE! AND LIVE SOME MORE! Teach your children well. Take them to church so they will learn about Jesus, their Savior. Do your best to be regular at Mass. Nothing fills my cup to the brim like being in God's house celebrating the good news of Christ.

God bless and keep you in his loving hands; may he protect you from all harm, danger or anxiety.

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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