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It was just another normal day, with a group of men heading to the Tiberis Sea to fish for their meals and for sale in the market place.  Simon Peter, Thomas (called Didyms), Nathaneal from Cana in Galilee, Zebedee's sons, and two others of his disciples.
at the Sea of Tiberias.

It was only then that Jesus revealed himself. He called out to the fishermen, who still had caught nothing, saying "have you caught anything this night just past?" They said they hadn't caught not one fish. Jesus said, "cast your nets over the right side of the boat. There you will find something." They looked to see the man on the shore who was speaking to them. They did as he said and cast their nets over the right side of the boat. When they began to put the nets in, they were so heavy with fish that they were unable to haul in this enormous catch.

So they began padding to the shore, dragging the full nets of fish from behind the boat. When they reach the shore, what their eyes beheld was unbelievable. There was a fire with fish cooking and Jesus said "come and bring some of the fish you caught and have breakfast."

The men were in disbelief for they counted one hundred and fifty-three fish, yet their nets were not even torn. The disciples did not ask who he was, for they and certainly Peter knew that he was the risen Jesus. He gave each of them some fish and some bread.

This the third time that Jesus appeared to the disciples since his resurrection.

There are some important issues taught by this short story. Peter was the leader so the disciples were following him when Jesus had said to cast the nets to the right, and Peter told them to do as the man suggested. So they obeyed the words of the man on the shore whom they did not know. But why? Perhaps out of their exhaustive efforts during the night and catching nothing, they figured they might as well try it. And look what happened!

They dragged the fishnets behind the boat as they approached the shore. As they all sat eating the meal with the stranger, but Peter is convinced by this miracle that this is the risen Lord. 

We must pray that Jesus will unite you with Peter and the Church and keep you there. This is how you will be blessed.  Also, pray that you can relate to the disciples in mind and heart.  Ask the Lord to speak to you when you pray, that he will show you where to "fish" in you own lives.  Jesus sees all. So, he sees your happiness as well as your difficulties in life. Pray that as he walks with you, he will garner your attention and give you the sensitive faith of the Beloved Disciple, Peter. More than anything, you want and pray for a closeness between you and Jesus that can never be broken!

Join in the Discipleship of Jesus and see those who are lost and help them find their way to the cross. Pray that you will do this with an excitement that you have never had. What we all want and need is the tender discipleship that is shown by Jesus' Beloved Disciple, Peter.

I do not know how many times you hear "pray, pray, pray" in a day, but it is through prayer that you are closest to Jesus.  Pour out and empty yourself to him. Lay anything on His shoulders, and he will take it from you if you truly GIVE your WHOLE SELF to Jesus. Jesus is at his happiest when he is listening to your prayers.

The word "right side" has more meaning than you may think. It is telling you to take the right side, the path to the Kingdom of heaven, and the bounty of fish represents the goodness of what you will receive in return.

Stay on the RIGHT side of Jesus and you, too, will meet him in his Father's Kingdom one day. No fear of dying for dying means (1) that your loved ones will grieve, but (2) you are in the Glory of God and as time passes, the wounds of the sad one will manage to lift and bring them back to life, knowing they will see you again one day.

God bless each of you, and all of those whom you love,

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