Wednesday, March 09, 2016


God declares that he has given His covenant to the people, but yet they seem to ignore its significance. He reminds them that he has sent them to call out to all people - free, poor, sick and imprisoned - to come into the light of his Covenant.

He makes promises of green pastures, no more desert heat bearing down on the people [Israel], and of making smooth the roads for them through the mountains along their way. He leads them beside the refreshing waters and over the smooth roads he has made, easing their journey on the narrow way to heaven.

He calls for them to bring ALL people out of the darkness so they can see for themselves the mighty power of God and enjoy the fruits of His labor.

God is calling to all of us, the Christians who believe and have faith in and love for God to share the good news with those who hide away.

What are you doing to carry God's covenant along the paths that he has formed for your life? When you have all that a man needs to live, money, family, job, happiness - it is your duty to God to share with all, especially those who do not know Him, how you came about this happy existence with the biggest pie in the sky as your gift from Him. Imagine the favor that God shows on His flock who share his covenant with those along their way. It is those who pity ones who are ignorant of God's covenant and who will lead them to their salvation. And that's what it's about, isn't it? By word or deed, you shall have an impact on those who take what should be a piety of their faith, and those who have no faith at all, and lead them to God.

God has said that many will come - from the North, the West, and some from the land of Syene which is a month's horse ride for man. Although the reference to the riding of a horse from Syene is like a parable, it was often used as a measurement of the earth in The Bible. His point is made that people will come from very far away just for Him alone. When God's people are all in alignment, the heavens will sing with Joy, and the Earth shall rejoice from the Heavens to the Mountains, for the Lord will always comfort his people and show his divine Mercy to the afflicted.

To me, the primary source of "affliction" is those who turn away from the Word of God, belief in God, faith and trust in God. Yes, our God is extremely merciful, more merciful than any human could possibly be for those who need God the most. Our ability is never Divine; only God's.

God will favor those who walk the earth and bring souls to the foot of the cross. Your duty is not to just go to church on Sunday and sin every other day of the week. It is impossible to lead a sinless life; however, it IS within your power to lead a MUCH LESS sinful life with the love of God living in your heart.

What Joy! What Peace! What pure Happiness! I feel it every day of my life since I came to the foot of the cross and accepted my salvation! The rewards are endless and too numerous to name here. But, do not think that with God in your life that you will never suffer sadness or loss in your life. Those trials are between you and God only. He has his reasons for reigning down many trials throughout your life.  "But, I don't understand," you say. No, and you never will. The mind of God is just so, so vast and complex that it will boggle you. You will have your answers in His time, according to His will. Be patient. Tell God how much you love and trust him, and ask him to help you to wait for his answer to your troubles. HE WILL answer you .... sooner or later. But he WILL answer!

Fear not, do not be dismayed, do not be depressed, do not be anxious. God is at the wheel and he's got the whole of the world in His hands!

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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