Thursday, February 25, 2016


A rich man sits at his dining table filled with lovely and tasty food and wine. He devours each morsel and his eyes close, thinking of the taste of this delicacy. A poor, sick man lies outside the rich man's door. Oh what he wouldn't do for just the crumbs that the rich man drops on the floor as he relishes in his meal. But the rich man does nothing for the poor man.

When the poor, sick man dies, Abraham comes to take him to heaven. Later, when the rich man dies, he is thrown into the vastness of hell. From very far, the rich man can see Abraham in heaven and he asks him, "please raise the poor man so he can go and tell my five brothers to not do as I have done so they will not end up in hell where I am doomed."

But, Abraham is not moved. He replies to the rich man, "if they will not listen to the Word of God and the prophets, it is their free will, and that is what they will face when they die."

Jesus is the one and only who has already risen from the dead; however, so, so many still will not listen to him.

Today, we pray to Jesus that our lives are ones of free will, and that we need His help in remaining true to his word until our deaths. At that time, our choice will determine our eternal destination. When we pray, we need solace and silence so that we may be able to hear Jesus when he speaks to us. We all must repent, and do it now! Do you wish to go to heaven or hell? God gave us our free will and we can decide our destiny on our own.

Admit to our Savior that you do not need any extraordinary preacher, but ONLY His word. He has risen and he still preaches to us. He speaks within us (i.e., conscience v. free will), and it is up to us to make the right choice. Pray that Jesus will guide your free will so that you will one day be in heaven sharing is his Glory.

What would you do if the sick beggar came to your door? Would you close the door or would you find food for his nourishment? Most people's lives are so busy thinking about their own needs that they do not even notice the needy.  Money cannot buy you a place in heaven; actions and a clean heart can.

Your promise to Jesus:  (1) You will read His father's word with all sincerity and willingness to abide by it, and (2) that you believe it is God who wants to welcome you into His Kingdom.

Ref: Luke 16:19-31

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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