Sunday, February 07, 2016


Pope Francis has declared this year as The Year of Mercy. His first inclination of Professing the Year of Mercy was Godly placed in his mind as a young Priest. It has evolved over the years to a strong belief in Jesus' constant proclamation of "mercy". 

Pope Benedict XVI is quoted: "Mercy is in reality the core of the Gospel message; it is the name of God himself, the face with which he revealed himself in the Old Testament and fully in Jesus Christ, incarnation of Creative and Redemptive love."*

Most religious people think of God's mercies only as a Grace unto themselves when they pray for it. But is it so much more.

Living a life of Mercy means that there are no boundaries between race, status, differing culture, or non-religious beliefs. It is those people who need us the most. We are bound by God's grace of Mercy within us to share it with the whole of the world we live in. Our mercy can be that of prayer for those who do not know God; for the wicked who murder "in the name of God" (which is not the God we know and worship); for the poor who believe there is no God, else they would not be living in such circumstances; for the rich who only worship money and status; for peace to come to the world; for those who are killed or have died without knowing our Living God, we must pray; for the thieves and those who steal that which doesn't belong to them, and much, much more.

In showing Mercy to the world, you are the Imitation of Christ and God. You give of yourself and possibly your possessions, physical aid, and prayer to those mentioned above. Yes, Mercy is a Grace given by God, and he has given it to you. You may not realize it, but the Mercy in you comes out by not showing preference to faith, status, or those who do not know God. In your Grace of Mercy, it is up to you to share God's word, the Salvation given to us through the crucifixion and rising of Jesus insuring Salvation for the entire world.

Your Mercy is in showing kindness to everyone with whom you come in contact. It might be the boy or girl working at the grocers, who bag your groceries and take them to your car. Personally, I always engage them in polite, loving conversation. I always tell them to have a Blessed Day/Evening, feeling such pity that they are not allowed to take tips, when they are working at minimum wage and a few dollars might help them.

And what about all of the followers on Twitter? I am in a sect of Catholic and Non-Catholic, but religious, people. Behind the mask of a screen name, there are those who are in the most dire circumstances, who are sick or those whom they love are sick, and the anonymous "pray for me". I have a prayer book and I write each of these prayer requests into it and when I pray, I pray for God's Mercy to rest upon them and to bring them all things good in His Name.

In short, you will find that spreading the Mercy that God has bestowed on you lovingly to be a source of "fuel". The more involved you become with being Merciful to others with just a kind word of thanks, will fill your tanks to the brim. Before long, it will become a very natural part of your existence. And the reward? Knowing that you made someone feel better or you have made their day by giving them the blessing of God.

Mercy is in kindness. It's that simple. Showing kindness to those whom you know and those who are nameless, in praying for peace in the world, praying for those who have lost their lives in the name of Christianity, and praying for those who are evil and misguided. Yes, it is difficult to pray for the last of those mentioned, but it is Mercy you are showing to some who were created by God but have taken a wrong turn, and God is unimaginably pleased with you in the end. It is awesome to know that these simple kindnesses are lining up in your Book of Life, and securing your Salvation into Heaven.

In writing and sharing this blog, no matter how many people will actually come and read it, I am showing God's Mercy and sharing it with you in the hope that you, too, will learn to be Merciful. I pray it will be so. May God's Mercy be with you, and may you be aware of it and practice it in your daily lives.

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,
"The Name of God is Mercy"
Pope Francis

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