Sunday, January 24, 2016


There is something that I have had on my heart, and I feel I need to speak to you about it.

I appreciate and feel so blessed to have the loyal friends on Twitter with whom I interact daily. However, the number of people who "Like" and "Retweet" my posts on Twitter do not add up to the actual number of people who have visited, as reported back to me on my blog.

In one way, this hurts my feelings that you didn't even read what I took upon myself to write in earnest FOR YOUR BENEFIT. 

In a nutshell, I am asking for your honesty, because there are some who are being dishonest and they are cheating themselves out of what could possibly be a good message written just for them. It's nice to see all the Likes and Retweets, but then I see the actual numbers on my blog (you cannot see them) and it is rather hurtful that people would be dishonest about my heartfelt writing.

Henceforth, my writings will be posted ONE time, and that is on my main page. If you are a follower, they should come to your page or you can just visit my page daily and see what's new, if anything

If you don't want to read it, then please, do not "Like" or "Retweet" my writing that comes from my heart and from The Holy Spirit.

In His Service,

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