Saturday, January 30, 2016


I should know this by heart! I cannot tell you how many times I've been on my knees, crying out to God to save me from myself. When one becomes depressed about something serious, and remains in that depression for some time, then it's time for some good, old-fashion prayer on your knees.

Whenever I have been in a state of depression, a friend will remind me of what is needed. Where I had been walking around the house, looking at my Bible, but not opening it; feeling God there waiting for me to talk to him, but I didn't, I found myself wallowing in the mire.

But once I looked into my bedroom and looked beside the bed, I was drawn to it divinely. Once I began naming all the things that I was thankful for, I began to sob. I don't know if it was shame or thanksgiving, but I was a ball of crying humanness. I was completely in perfect tune with God.

It is the realization that some things are totally out of your control, and the only place that one can find solace is with Christ and/or God. Knowing that HE KNOWS already doesn't matter. It is we who must talk to Jesus and God, cry on their shoulders, praise them for knowing you so well, and being thankful that you can get all things off your shoulders. And then, you can come away KNOWING BY FAITH that it is all gone. Jesus and God have taken your worries and have healed you.

I need to do more one-on-one with Jesus and our Father. I don't think we can ever do enough, otherwise we would not have time to work, feed ourselves and take care of our families, or to have good fellowship with loved ones. I go around my day and when I think of some small thing, I will mentally pray it up! And I can keep going. I don't know how many times a day I talk to God and Jesus, but it is a lot!

Again, Jesus and God will take away your worries and make you whole again. And you can call them anytime of any day or night; there's never a busy signal, ever.

May God's light shine upon you,

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