Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Little Linda was allowed to pass out the Christmas gifts the Christmas Eve she learned to read.  According to family custom, the one who distributed the presents would be allowed to open the first gift.  After all the presents were distributed with care, Linda kept looking around the tree amongst the branches.  Her father asked, “Honey, what are you looking for?”  The little girl replied, “I thought Christmas was Jesus’ birthday and I was just wondering where His present is.  I guess everyone forgot Him.  Did they, Daddy?”
Eleanor Doan


Merry Christmas Eve, Eve everyone! When one of the biggest celebratory events of the year comes around, you're bound to see different stories like the above that are cute, but yet say so much.

When I watch the news or current events on television or when I read news on the internet, one thing is kept on the wire throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas and following Christmas - RETAIL SALES PROFITS $$!  You don't see commercials or news where commentators speak of Mary and Joseph, and the impending birth of the Savior to the World! Oh no! That is considered "politically incorrect!"  Imagine, Jesus, who was born through Immaculate Conception to a virgin name Mary, and who is the very Son of God, our creator, and His Son, made in His image has a moniker - Politically Incorrect!

I remember when I was working in a huge law firm, there was ONE lady who said that her family did not observe Christmas. At that time, our firm covered four and 1/2 floors of the building and we had a different Christmas tree on each floor. BUT, this one person caused such havoc, throwing around her voice and her threats of NAACP and ACLU that our firm took down all but one tree. There were 500 of us, but a single person who disagreed with our Christmas decorations took down a very powerful law firm with her tirade.

When I was growing up a mere 50 years ago, I don't think that the words "Politically (In)Correct" were even coined yet. Why has this world changed so much, and within five decades out of 2,000 years? We no longer "crucify" criminals, we don't "hang" or "behead" them. Why? Because we have become a numb society where nobody wants to fight against paying for three square meals a day for criminals, their televisions, computers, and beds. I'm so sure that it is a bummer to be incarcerated, but to what are you comparing this state of lifestyle?

But, back to the birth of our Lord and Savior, these are just some examples of how time has changed things in this country. Every country has their own way of punishing criminals. But I fully believe that the world over (except in Israel), people are pouring millions into buying gifts for CHRISTMAS, the time when you decorate a tree as pretty as possible and put lots of gifts for everyone underneath. Except, where is your gift for the Honoree of this Birthday Party?  "What?" you may say "can I give to Jesus?"

Let's begin with all the love you have in your heart and soul? Then you might want to pray to him and thank him for enduring such a barbaric crucifixion for YOUR salvation; dying for all sin for all time; giving everyone in this world until the end of time an opportunity to come to Him and be loyal followers of His Father God and Him; an appropriate prayer before your meal, giving thanks to the greatest man who ever walked the face of the earth; and keeping Jesus and his very primitive birth in the forefront of your thoughts, not to forget his mother and father, Mary and Joseph.

Jesus wants us to celebrate His birthday! He wants us to gather with those whom we love and celebrate this special time, but not forget the true meaning of this day, Christmas!

I wish you all a very Merry, Joyfilled and Peacefilled Christmas. I pray for those who are far away from their families defending threats to our homeland. I pray for those who are in hospitals all over and cannot come home for Christmas. I pray for the homeless, the hungry, the cold, the ones unwanted and who have no one to celebrate with, just the hope they can find a warm meal somewhere. I pray for the sick children who are battling disease; I pray for parents who have been forgotten by their families; and I could just go on and on.

So, follow my lead and make your biggest gift to Jesus thanksgiving and PRAYER for others!

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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