Thursday, November 05, 2015


This Day's Verse
The good man eats to live, while the evil man lives to eat.
Proverbs 13:25
There is another saying similar to the above: "A good person lives to serve, while an evil person serves to live."
I live to serve! To serve the ever loving immaculate heart of Jesus and Almighty God! Which of these are you living?
If you are living to serve yourself by money, material possessions, drugs, alcoholism, thievery, causing harm to another for your own self-serving purpose, for lust or just a general sinful life, then you are not Living to Serve.
Living to serve means you are living for Christ and the Father, and your Eternal Reward. You are living to follow The Word of God every day of your life. You are living for prayer for the good of others, not just yourself. You can only serve one Master and you cannot fully serve Him if you are trying to do both. It's impossible.
Here is the proper order of things in our human lives:
I challenge each of you to look into the mirror at your own image, and then decide which kind of life you want to live. If you still serve to live, then you are on a very wide path that leads to death and destruction of all things good in the eyes of God.  If, at the very least, your are not honest with yourself, you are doomed!
Look in the mirror and say "Lord, I want to live to serve YOU!"  You know what that means; I don't have to tell you. Clean living is a wonderful gift; a Grace from God. Pray that God and Jesus come into your heart and bring The Holy Spirit to guide you through this desolate kind of life you may be living.  Truly I say, there is NO reward in living a sinful life to serve only your own wants and needs. The devil will give you what you want to gain your allegiance. He will put a hold on you that is so strong that you may never be able to see your wrongs and have a chance to right them before you leave this world.  Hell is not fun, beautiful, paradise, nor loving.  Eternity is infinite! Where would you like to spend it?
Join me in living to serve and that means not just Jesus and God, but also your fellow man. God will always see to your needs. He will direct your life for all things good.  Open your heart and ask Him to take over. Pray it every day until it becomes second nature for you to live a beautiful life of love and kindness, to be contrite in your heart, to pray for forgiveness and praising Him. The rewards are also infinite!
1 Peter 4:10 - Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards of God's Grace in its various forms!: Peter 410, Living To Serving Bible Quotes, Christian Quotes, Peter O'Tool, Peter 4 10, 1 Peter, God Grace, Inspiration Quotes, Bible Ver
Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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