Wednesday, November 18, 2015


As I read and prayed today's Novena, it brought the thoughts to my mind. What do you want from God? And what does God want from you?

We turn to God in times of troubles, but also in times of victory, albeit not as hearty as the prayers when we are in need.

We want from God a big, beautiful home full of nice furnishings and designer clothing, we want to rise up in our employment, we want to make more money for "things" tangible on earth. We want that new car, home, boat, etc.

But what does God want from you, and can you give it to him? I believe we all can and should!

God does not care what kind of clothes you are wearing, designer or not; he does not care if you drive a fancy new car or a jalopy; he doesn't care if your house is large, surely he most likely would find himself more comfortable in smaller quarters like the ones of his time.

We are a society who claims to be "religious" and we pull that clue about ourselves out at the most opportune times!  You know, the ones who only attend Mass on Christmas Eve or Easter? That's won't cut the mustard! Being "religious" is believing in the Word of God and your Salvation, and living according to The Word every day.

The one thing that seems constant in bringing one down to the very core of their living and beliefs is negativity, in thoughts and in deeds. They may be about you or you may be the one casting stones! Those thoughts are sewn into the roots of the mind. Thought of lust, anger, greed, attachment to earthly things, ego a nd so forth.

My friends, you cannot take that nice little car to heaven with you; nor, will you be allowed to take your home to Heaven  for the Father has already prepared a beautiful place for you, much more beautiful, I would imagine, than the one you live in today. Christ does not want your money or casual acquaintance with him. The Father and the Son want you to find the ultimate happiness in living your life for them. They want your constant and unwavering love and obedience. The life of a Christian is so much better than those who do not know him. I've lived both sides and I can assure you that a live lived loving God the Father and Christ, the Son, is FULL of rewards, every day of your life.

Always love yourself and what you have become. You are where you are, and you should love yourself for turning away from greed and turning to a much greater fulfillment in life with God and Christ at the top over all the world.  Let your light shine for all to see and then see how many followers you may obtain for Christ. Or better yet, not even knowing how many you have touched, but havi confidence in yourself that you have sung the praises of Jesus Christ and Almighty God as you should have. You eternal reward is a life of total BLISS!

Don't let others who believe negatively bring you down with them. Stand tall and firm in your faith!

We can ponder that word, bliss, and we can think of a whole lot of possessions, material and tangible, but can you think of what you REALLY want at the end of your life? It's quite difficult for you don't know when Jesus will come for you. He might come for a young person today and and old person who is ready to go "home" tomorrow, or vice versa. The point is, and I cannot urge you enough to be ready every moment of your life so if you had to face God that very minute, when he asks you questions from your book of life, will you be able to explain yourself succinctly, all by yourself, wih no help from anywhere?  I feel that I am ready, but I am still a sinner and so imperfect.

Pray every day that you will live a life for Christ and that you will hang on tightly to your Salvation. It is all you have that is worth anything in this world. Amen.


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