Friday, November 20, 2015


This morning, I decided to read the Psalms of David. I did not know what treasure I would find, only that I was led to that section of the Book of Psalms. What I found was scripture after scripture that anyone who reads it will think of current events and surely feel good about loving God, living unde4r the protection of His mighty wings, and the eternal rewards that await us. You see, our lives are not a large as a hand, and in God, they are like a second in length. Live wisely!

In this section of Psalms, David continually expresses his love for our God, and pleas with Him to not linger, but to answer David's prayers, especially when he feels the deep perils that confront him over and over again. Never once does David fail to call upon God, even when he feels that God is not answering him, which could be you, he pledges his allegiance to our Loving God every time, and every time, God saves him.  What more can God do to strengthen David's faith in Him?

David professes that he would understand if God failed to come to his aid if he were an evil man who continuously did evil and dishonest things against the laws of God. But he KNOWS that he has been faithful to God and that God will save him from any peril (although he is briefly doubtful at times).

When we think of "praising God", how would you go about doing that? The Psalm of David is so full of praises, I couldn't possibly put them here in one blog piece. His praises are so profound and worthy that he surely is pleasing in the eyes of God, and therefore, God may allow him to get to the brink of his enemies attacks, but in the end, God always saves him or sends his Angels to save him.

In Psalms 15, we find the answer to who may go and find refuge and shelter in God's [tabernacle].
"Anyone who leads a blameless life and is truly sincere. Anyone who refuses to slander others, does not listen go gossip, never harms his neighbor, speaks out against sin, criticizes those committing it, commends the faithful followers of the Lord, keeps a promise even if it ruins him, does not crush his debtors with high interest rates, and refuses to testify against the innocent despite the bribes offers him -- such a man shall stand firm forever."
In Psalms 18:35-36,
"You have given me your salvation (emphasis added) as my shield. Your right hand, O Lord, supports me; your gentleness has made me great. You have made wide steps beneath my feet so that I need never slip."
In verse after verse after verse, we find David declaring the might and strength, yet the loving kindness and sympathy of our God.  I invite you to Read Psalms 3-50. There is a wealth of God's love included in this part of Psalms.  Even when you are singing hymns at Mass, you ARE PRAISING GOD! The mighty chorus, it makes God so happy! So sing around your house as you do your chores, sing as you drive down the road, just praise Him in any way that you can every day.

God does not forsake his children, and his children's children if you pass down your belief and faith to them, they shall go on forever and will always withstand the test of time. The Psalm of David is miraculous in that it mentions the thunder as being the mighty voice of God come down from the heavens, and the lightning as his spear sent down to crush your enemies. God is to be reverenced, praised and feared. He is our Father, and he will punish the bad just as he rewards the good.

Though people may scoff at you for your faith, turn away and say nothing. Your salvation is secure with God and you need not argue the point with a non-believer or heretic.

If you read the books of Psalms I suggested, you may just find what you need to lift you up and carry you always through any peril that faces you. For you are God's chosen child. He loves and adores you, and he will always care for you. Do not be impatient with God for he had a plan for you before you were even born, and that plan will not alter. Accept His Graces and praise him, even in times of strife and struggle.

God is so Great, and me, I am but a sinner, one on whom he still showers his blessings. I ask His forgiveness and he always forgives. I begin to worry, but then that voice says "I got this!" I do not fear wars or turmoil. But I am never without some kind of sin, that little one that I did without even thinking. I am far and away from the perfect Christian, but I know our God loves me, and he loves all of you. He cast down his hand and created the earth. Then he cast down the other and filled the valleys with water. God created ALL, us included. Be not afraid, God is at the wheel 24/7. "So cheer up! Take courage if you are depending on the Lord God."

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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