Saturday, November 21, 2015


Uniting with Mary in Praying

We must unite ourselves to Mary in our conversations with Jesus.  Part of the problem most people have in praying is that they forget to speak to Jesus as their best friend. They think He already knows and does not want to hear all we have to say.  This is simply not true!  By uniting with Mary, and asking her to help you, she will help you to begin and sustain those intimate conversations, which she had.  Mary spent her whole life pondering on the mysteries and on the person of her Son!  As Mother, she wants to give what she has to her children!  She will help us feel and understand what she felt and understood, and our prayer life will take on a whole new dimension.  While we must always be reverent,  the secret to real prayer is intimacy.  Who was more intimate and understanding of Jesus than Mary?  Always call Mary before you begin and use your imagination to see yourself in her Immaculate Heart as you pray.  God is immediately drawn to the daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son and spouse of the Holy Spirit!  Pray with Mary to better pray to the Most Holy Trinity!

Adapted from Father Emil Neubert in "My Ideal: Jesus Son of Mary"

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