Sunday, November 08, 2015


Jesus said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you,
that he might sift you like wheat, But I have prayed for you
that your faith may not fail.  And when you have
turned again, strengthen your brothers
Luke 22 -31


When I was just a girl, about age 8, I shared a room with my sister.  We had bunk beds, but we took them down and arranged the room so that both beds were on floor level. Even then, as now, I have a fear of sleeping alone in my home. My husband laughs at me because he has to lock the bedroom door as he leaves at 5:30 in the morning. This is because I constantly dreamed that I was awake but unable to open my eyes, and I could hear the breathing and movement of someone approaching my bed. I would even try to pry my eyes open with my fingers to no avail. I thought that I was awake, but it was just a recurring bad dream.

But back to my childhood. One night I was awakened to the feel of hands on my arms. They were squeezing me hard, and then I felt the hot breath and almost guttural sounds coming from "whoever" it was. This was my first role as an actress. I was so scared that I kept my eyes shut and I did not cry out for help for fear this "demon" would hurt me or take me before anyone could come to my aid. In my heart of hearts, I KNOW that I have met Satan, and he wanted ME! 

This was not a dream. It was real because when [he] finally let go of me and I heard him leave, I opened my eyes and just sat in my bed so stunned that I didn't cry out and I never told my parents about what had happened to me.

Satan had demanded to have me, but Jesus prayed and prevented him from taking my soul.  Later in life, when I was in my 20's, he did possess me for several years when I turned my back on God. God allowed Satan to have his fancy with me, but Jesus protected me from truly getting hurt, or perhaps dying.

I am telling you this because I KNOW firsthand that Satan is real, and he is not nice, beautiful or kind. He led me down a path of self-destruction that led to broken relationships where I cried relentlessly out of my broken heart, to being beaten by my first husband more than once, to a life of promiscuity of which shame has been acknowledged and forgiven my our Loving Savior. This is a picture of what I felt in my heart that night.

Satan will lead you to do things that you know are wrong, to say things that are just awful or hurtful to someone else, to promiscuity, to drugs, to hurting others without any second thought or stealing.

Satan is real, and he's extremely mean and very cunning. He wants the strongest soldiers in God's army to get back at God, and he will fight your soul until you continue to recognize who is making you do things out of character. 

I have for several recent years felt his presence in my home. He took hold of my husband and I could feel him all around me. I always stood and lifting my hands up to Jesus and commanded loudly, and I don't know why, but repeated three time, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Satan leave this place and never come back; I have no use for you!!"

And then I would pray. Oh he continued to return for a while because he felt I would relent, but my faith in God just grew and grew to where I am so strong now that Satan knows he has no chance, and thus, he finally left me alone about a year ago.

Satan will sift you like wheat if you allow him into your path and your life. But all one need do is pray to Jesus to make Satan leave you alone. Shout the words that I shouted day after day for a very long time, and he will finally relent and move on. Satan's biggest treat is to take away one of God's children, and God knows he has succeeded in taking many! Just look at those around you, or in the state of the World.  Do not be one of those who allows him in your world. Keep your eye on the light in front of you that is Jesus; pray every day, but silently so that satan cannot hear your prayers!

I was frightened beyond words as that little girl when the demon came to my room in the night. I think satan knew that God had special plans for me, and therefore, he tried to take me as a child. I gave my parents grief, and it was all satan. Oh how I wish I could take all that back, but I must continue to focus on what is in front of me and not relive the past.

I am praying for each person who reads this that satan will leave you alone and that Jesus will pray for your soul so that satan will relent in his effort to take it from God.

You are STRONG! You have FAITH IN GOD and in JESUS, HIS SON! That is ALL the ammunition you need. Be strong and cast him out. When he finally releases you, then you are completely free to focus on your Salvation with Jesus. Amen.

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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