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Merriam Webster's Dictionary defines SALVATION: deliverance from the power and effects of sin. So how do we attain our personal salvation?

The first step to attaining ones salvation is to be be baptized into faith, washing away all sin, and then, turning ones life to living as a Christian forever.

The second crucial part of one's Salvation is faith. If you do not believe that Jesus Christ suffered and died for all sin, for all time, then you are not going to hold onto your Salvation.  In John 3:5, Jesus says, "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God."  By this single act, we enter into a life with Christ.

If one does not believe in the Passion of Jesus Christ, he has no chance of entering into the beautiful gates of Heaven.  Jesus also tells us that if we deny Him on earth, He will deny us to his Father.

In Mark 16:16, we read, "He that believes and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believes not shall be condemned.

In other words, it is required that one remain in this "saved" state for the rest of their lives in order to enter the Kingdom of God.  Living a Christian life is not hard as many feel that it is. So many turn away from it out of fear that they will be embarrassed (what?) or cannot give up the vices of sin in which they have been engaged.

That is probably the biggest downfall of the people of this world. Everyone knows that there is a God! There are multiple churches in every town and city and country in the world. But the devil has a strong hold and I am proof positive that in the beginning, one must fight off the devil nearly every day!  When I seized my salvation, the devil attacked me with a vengeance. It was nearly every day, multiple times a day. I fought him and fought him as my faith grew and grew, and I became stronger in my faith. At first, I could not or never thought about the work of the devil. He can make you feel, think and say things that no Christian ever would. He makes sinful acts appear good and wonderful.

The stronger I became in my faith, the harder the devil fought with me. But I became so very strong in that FAITH that he has relented and moved on to someone new who is trying their best to live a Christian life. I don't feel his influence as much as I did a few years ago. You see, he doesn't want you to attain your salvation. He wants to keep his hold on you and keep you from God! This is the war between good and evil that has gone on for thousands of years. It is Satan against God, and the devil wants and preys on the weakest link.

Always be aware that the devil's presence is working to make you miserable! He delights in your misery, especially when you give up and do not call upon Jesus Christ and God to help you. You need to learn to recognize that when you lose that temper, or begin to say something awful to hurt someone, to steal, lie or cheat, it is the devil pushing you to do this because none of these are right in the eyes of God.

Living a Christian life is less stressful, full of feeling infinitely loved, and having a friend that you can talk to privately who will help you through any pain or difficulty. But you and only you can make the choice of Salvation or hades.

The path to hades is wide and has many enticements to make its appearance appealing, but at the end of that wide road are the fires in which you will burn for eternity if you do not change your ways. That path to heaven is narrow and full of promise. This is what I have imagined for years: A narrow path lined with beautiful hills and meadows of beautiful wheat; the earth beneath my feet feels so good because it is such fine, soft earth and it is cool underneath my feet. And I see footsteps that went before me and I know that they are the footsteps of Jesus, and I am following him. As long as I envision and live on this path, I know that our loving Savior will greet me at the end of the path.

When you want to lash out, stop yourself! Be kind instead. When you envy another, stop yourself. Feel happy for them instead. When you think of stealing, drunkenness, physical attacks, and all things that go against God's commandments, stop yourself and turn your back to it. Because behind you, watching over your shoulder is Jesus Christ and He is waiting for you to ask him, "Please help me, Lord."

The love of Jesus and the love of God are so deep that they are unfathomable to us as earthly beings. But we can certainly feel their love when we pray, when prayers are answered, when we have a good day or receive good news. It is Jesus and God always working in our lives.

In summary, once baptized into faith, Jesus and God will take control of your life if you truly give your life to them. None of us is without sin; we all do something every day that God may frown upon. But the Good News is that, if we pray and ask forgiveness with a contrite heart, our sin is forgiven. We are always forgiven, BUT, you cannot continually repeat the sin and expect God to keep forgiving you. Forgiveness means, "I forgive you, but do not do this again."

I pray that there is someone or several out there who will read this and decide to turn themselves around to find Jesus. Read the Gospels, read the Psalms, just READ your Bible every day. A page or several, reading your Bible will always bring many things to your mind that make you think of yourself and something you did or were thinking of doing, or that Jesus just loves you so much and how happy you make Him by giving your heart to him. Amen.

Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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