Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Think of the indignity, outrage, pain, and humiliation that Jesus suffered.
They striped Him of every dignity,
He was treated as the guilt of our worst sins.
He seems to say to us: " Why do you despair when you suffer?
Is that the way you love me?
Meditate about my passions and find in them great riches."
Let us ask the gift of patience to accept all humiliations, thinking of how Jesus suffered for us.


I ask that you meditate on the above most sincerely.  First we find what we already "know", but can you close your eyes and visualize Jesus in the state of the most undignified at the hands of those who thought that ONE MAN had so much power that even with all their thousands of armies, they still feared him?

Today, even the worst of the worst criminals cry foul if some indignation is put to them. They are given three meals a day, a television, sometimes access to a computer, books and magazines, and at times, visitors.  Can you believe that none of this was offered to our Jesus?? Within twenty-four hours, he went through the most brutality one can imagine.

Jesus' back was ripped to shreds at the scourging at the pillar, all while the Roman soldiers shouted and laughed "hit him again!" And it is truly surprising to me that this one act upon him did not kill him.  Even then, Jesus had such strength that he kept himself barely alive for he knew his Passion was not done.

After this, can you imagine Jesus carrying this enormous cross on his back to where he would be crucified? All of the people who welcomed him with palms as he rode through the town on a donkey were now jeering at him, throwing tomatoes and rocks. But Jesus persevered and when he fell down on one knee, one lone man came to his aid to help him.

Imagine the moment when Jesus and his Mother's eyes met! Oh the pain of just thinking about it. He could do nothing and Mary could do nothing to save him. But she never left him; she stayed and she watched and cried her poor heart out.  Those nails they used to hang his body on the cross were not little nails. No, they were quite primitive probably hammered out by a blacksmith and I can imagine that they were the size of the stakes used to nail a train rail into the ground. As a mother, I think of all that Mary witnessed and then taking down the body of her dead son, and honestly, I believe I would just lie down and die from heartbreak. That is why Jesus' Mother has a special place in Heaven and her prayers and intercessions for us are guaranteed. She is to be revered and loved as our first Mother.

By this point, Jesus has been so brutalized and was in such pain, he probably welcomed his death because he knew that his Father would seize him into heaven and seat Jesus at his right to reign over the world with him. Not to forget his crown of thorns; piercing his precious head and blood everywhere.

This is what OUR JESUS did FOR US! He died for all sin, for all time. So that you and I, anyone who is sincere and repentant should receive absolution of their sins. Now it does not mean that you can ask forgiveness over and over for the same sin. No, no! Once you are forgiven, you must make every effort possible to avoid that sin again. But we all slide back from time to time, and Jesus is Kind and Merciful and He always forgives his flock one more time

So put away your worries, for Jesus is near, and you have certainly prayed to him about them. Now, allow him to do his work and the Father's Will.

When you recite The Rosary and meditate on each Mystery, truly take it all into your soul and realize that Jesus suffered more than any of us ever will. He did this for US, the world, so what should we do for him? Live a truthful, chaste and happy life. Show kindness to your fellow man/woman. Cease in engaging in lustfulness and sin, thievery and gossip. These are all WRONG and you well know it, and Jesus knows that you know it! You can run but you can never hide from Jesus or the Father. They are with you always. They are well aware of your dirty work.

So accept your own humiliations which will never be as great as those of Jesus Christ. Thank Him for sharing in your pain and for the fact that your pain will never compare to the pain that he went through for YOUR SALVATION!

We who were dead, have been “made alive.”
Salvation is the work of God.
Only God can give spiritual life in the place of spiritual death.

The time is nigh. I beg you to come to the cross and give your heart and soul to Jesus Christ and our Father, God. And then LIVE IT! Live a proper and acceptable life; be accountable for your debts; and treat others with respect and most of all, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. JUST LOVE.......

With Christian Love, I am

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