Thursday, October 29, 2015


Let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows ME, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight, declares the LORD
Jeremiah 9-24
Have you ever experienced speaking the Word of God and bringing up Jesus, and received in turn blank stares? I have! But don't let that stop you; you might save a life.
My faith is a part of my very soul. It expresses itself in moments of joy and in trial. Some appear almost offended, but I think it is that they are uncomfortable. They do not know Jesus, and this provokes thoughts of pity and "how can I reach them" through my words and make a difference in their lives. 
My husband and I were talking just last evening about this subject and he said "you sometimes take this being a Christian too far", meaning, I impose my thoughts on others. However, I believe that I do know Jesus, that he is the Lord of all for all time, that he is kind, fair and without sin while he walked on this earth. I believe it makes Jesus very happy when he hears people speaking honestly about Him and bringing more souls to the foot of His cross. I believe that the only way to reach the masses is by addressing Christianity head-on, just like Jesus did.
Thirty years ago, I was that person who felt uncomfortable with people talking to me about salvation, Christ and our loving God. I moved all over a family reunion to avoid one of my twin aunts who carried her Bible under her arm because I knew she was going to "preach" to me. She later asked my mother, "Is Abbey mad at me for some reason? She keeps avoiding me." I learned this after it was too late. I never saw her again and she died. I have to make reparation for this and oh so many other misguided judgments in my life. But Jesus died for all of us, he was sin for us for all time. Hallalujah!
I have not always been as zealous about our Lord. I used to fear death awfully. But God gave me the years I have lived because He had a purpose for me, and you see it right in front of you! He knew there was inherent good inside of me; but, I was lost. I look back on those days and it pains me, except for the fact that all my experiences have made me the person that I am, and God has put the Word inside me to share with you through The Holy Spirit! What a feeling! It's indescribable!
Did Jesus every shy away from one of his sermons? Was he ever for a lack of words or a good parable? I hope and pray that I am blessed enough to enter the gates of Heaven and hear Jesus first hand!
Close your eyes and use your imagination. Picture yourself sitting on a rock or on the ground in the wilderness a ways from your community. There is this man who is speaking of God and salvation. You are enraptured by his words and you can't help but want to know more. You have never heard anything like what Jesus is telling you. And the miracles! Can you imagine seeing one first hand? If Jesus were to speak just to please the masses, he would not have been speaking of what one could embrace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jesus was never without a few words, even those of rebuke.
I want to do all that I can to be pleasing to Him. If my pain brings him joy when I thank him for it, then it is not all for naught. If certain problems or feelings bring me to talk with Him, even better - for the both of us.
So, if you feel I am imposing on you with my prayers for you or my words about Jesus, which are usually in response to something others have said or I find it appropriate for the situation, then instead of apologizing, I ask you to just try it! You have nothing to lose, and everything, absolutely everything to gain! Go ahead, try it on for size, but you HAVE to give it an honest look in the mirror and see yourself as the new person who has embraced their salvation. There is no one on this earth who can take Jesus and the Father away from you. It is they who are waiting for YOU, not the other way around.
You're still going to experience life's ups and downs, but the good new is that you have someone who can work miracles on your side. When you kneel to pray, you have someone who knows all that you are and all you have done, but loves you so deeply that it is impossible to fathom. Having your adoration, allegiance and your love is what Jesus and God want. They want to save you from the horrors of life. Jesus is the ONLY friend you will ever have who will not tell your secrets to others, nor betray you. He only wants your love and to give you His in return.
I am not the same person today that I was three years ago. I have a trusted friend who lives across the ocean, and he is always brutally honest, which is what a hard-headed gal like me needs! He pushes me about keeping my blog regular so I do not lose souls. He and I were drawn together by the Grace of God, and that's another story, but it was definitely divine intervention. If not for his help and pushing me, I would not be the strong Christian that I am today.
The Holy Trinity gave me just what I needed and at just the right time. But that seed was planted and it has grown and finally blossomed, and it will be full of sunshine all the way to Heaven. Would you like to walk with me to Heaven? Then, come on, let's get to it!


  1. I would like to walk with Christ and you to Heaven.

  2. What a blessing to have your company on the narrow path to Jesus! God bless you, my dear friend!🙏🏻🌹💜