Saturday, October 03, 2015


Dearest Children of Jesus Christ,

Have you said your Rosary today? I admit, I have been neglect over the years, but that changed while I stayed with my Dad and Mother for two months.

I have a story to share with you. My husband and I went on vacation August 1st to see my Dad and Mother for one week. My husband went home; I was there for two months. You see, Dad's left arm has shaken for two years and when you ask him what is the problem, he answers, "Parkinson's!" Yes, exclamation point!

Over the last two years, Dad has declined. His speech is hurried, and consequently, he stutters and stumbles to find the words he wants to say. He won't take his medicine that the caretaker puts in his M-F tray for morning, noon and night unless she assured him on a daily basis that it is right. He may even say, "what is that pill for?"  I figured out that (1) he's afraid we were trying to pull something over on him by medicating him for something of which he was unaware, and (2) he doesn't like pills and absolutely does not want to take anything that he does not have to. Once reassured, he is fine. I lived with them for two months and saw every nuance, jumped to do for them and see to their every need, all to the detriment of my own health. The barometric pressure there is so different from where I live and it caused me to hurt all over some days and I was useless to anyone.

In early September, he had a CT Scan of his brain "at the VA!" (and we know our government treats our Veterans - like the bottom of the barrel). He saw an Indian female neurologist there who said his brain was shrinking and that it was a sign of early dementia. She gave him two medications to take, and we never heard from her again regarding a follow-up examination.

In the meantime, the best friends of my parents came by after church one Sunday and began to tell us about the Neurological group that treats their son-in-law for Parkinson's and treats the woman, my mother's best friend. She highly recommended that we obtain a second opinion, which was already on my mind. I called and they said we could not see a doctor until December 17th. My heart sank. But I took the appointment and got on a "wait list" in case anyone should cancel.

It appears that the longer this mental thing has gone on, the greater the worry to my Dad, especially what might happen to my mother should he not be able to help care for her, and he actually took on the symptoms of a Dementia patient. For instance, he would ask me 4-5 times in one day when was "this" appointment and at what time. I always answered him calmly. He would be confused about medications and grow very agitated toward me. Again, I would calmly explained all to him, but, he would decide what he was going to do, and in the end, I felt it was best to just agree with him.

He has a severe back problem that is screaming with pain, so I lined him up with a Pain Clinic and they began the process of "test shots" to be sure that they were in the right place before they proceeded with the actual healing procedure. This procedure is to go in with a hot needle and burn the extremely tiny nerves that send pain signals to the brain. 

After the second appointment, we returned home and the telephone rang. Every time the phone rang, if it showed on the TV that it was one of his medical people, they both turned to me to answer. I answered this time, and low and behold, the Neurologist had an opening the very next day! This is late September as compared to mid December! I raised my hands in the air and I praised Jesus and God for answering my prayers! All were elated and we could not wait for 11:00am the next morning.

When the doctor entered the room, he was very surprised to see an 84 year old, vital man sitting there. He had reviewed the CT Scan that I had provided on disc, read the VA's radiology report, and he said "I reviewed your CT Scan and I thought I was looking at the brain of a 50 to 60 year old man!" In the end, after some of his own testing, he proclaimed that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with my daddy's brain. And the shaking arm? It is not Parkinson's, but what he called Parkinsonian's. It doesn't spread and he only needs to take medication if he wants to calm it down, and Dad being Dad, he declined.

Again, I walked into their house and lifted my arms to the sky and cried, praising Jesus and our Father God for prayers answered! And do you know, once my Dad was told that there was nothing wrong with him, he was his old self within a day. No stutters, no unsteady walking, and no worrying about who would take care of my mother, which he declares daily "She is my WHOLE WORLD, and I will always take care of her!" (She is a stroke patient who has a brace up to her right knee, and a right arm that could not be rehabilitated, but she uses a walker and bathes with the help of her caretaker.)

I want you to know that THIS SINNER had begun to pray the Rosary while I was there. More than I had ever done before. I prayed in the pain clinic while dad was going through his procedure. I went to sleep at night praying the Rosary. The song "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, God Almighty" resonated in my brain constantly. I worked and worked to care for them through my own pain, and this, my beloved friends, was the most huge and meaningful Labor of PURE LOVE that I have ever done. Honoring my Father and Mother in this way was a place that I had not thought of in my 20's or 30's, but I learned so very many Biblical lessons in this time with them. I realized their, and my, mortality and how very short life actually is. I have assured them many times over the years that I would always be there to take care of them, and now that time has come, and it takes a village. I needed an understanding husband who supported me, and a supportive family back home.


PRAYER IS VITAL TO YOUR LIFE! I have learned that, even though I pray several times a day, there is much more to Prayer than asking. Praise and Thanksgiving are two of the most integral and fundamental parts of sincere prayer. Examine your conscience as you pray and ask yourself if you are including sufficient time in your prayer time for these two elements of prayer.

As for praying The Rosary, yes, we need Mama every day. She sits at the right hand of her son, Jesus Christ, and He listens to her. Pray, Pray, Pray in every prayer time for her intercessions on your behalf. My experience recently sealed the small, final gap to believing in our Blessed Mother's power in your lives and mine. (Being a convert, the process is slowly coming together, Praise God!)

Never forget how very much I love you all, those known to me and those unknown. I want to see all of you in heaven one day.


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