Saturday, October 17, 2015


People brought all their sick to Him and begged Him to let the sick Just touch the edge of His cloak , and who touched Him were Healed 
~Matthew 14- 35
The Bible is quite a book to read, cover to cover, but when wanting to read about Jesus' adventures, ministry, and healing, the best books are the Gospels.
I have found myself wondering, or picturing in my mind, what was it truly like to live back then? Do you realize how awesome it would have been to see Jesus in his human man form?
People had to make their own cloth, and then bared-edged cloaks and dresses were fashioned by a lot of creative wrapping.  Life was not easy.  Imagine living in an adobe building, perhaps 10'x10' with your family; husband, wife, children - maybe two or three. These "homes" were built on bare ground. Under constant use, the dirt would become packed down and the women would care for their homes just as we do, literally sweeping a dirt floor. Beds were fashioned from straw or hay, were on the bare ground and covered with blankets woven from the wool of lambs by the womenfolk.
There was, perhaps, one or more places in a town, depending on size, where water would be pulled from the well. The containers, which were probably made of clay, were large and heavy. This water was used to wash and bath, to cook, to drink and to clean.  There were no baths in these homes. I would imagine their toilet was a bucket in a corner somewhere in the shack. This would have to be emptied and cleaned every day to avoid the ranked smell of urine and feces. 
Traders came to town regularly carrying sacks of wheat and corn on the backs of burrows. The townspeople had to bargain for a share of the spoils. I imagine in my mind that then men and women practiced making fancy pottery and robes which they would use to barter for food.  Women had large grinding stones and they would grind the wheat and corn to make breads cooked in primitive ovens. Imagine that some of the loaves that were not needed were also used to barter for more grain and corn for sustenance. 
Meat was probably killed by the men on hunting trips. The hides were carefully removed by make-shift, sharp knives, and stretched and hung to dry out.  These would come in handy in the winter months.  Not to mention, the traders also traded their grain for hides for themselves.  I imagine the leather being sewn with large, wooden needles, fashioning sandals for the people to wear to protect their feet from the rocky streets and paths between towns. Yet, they were not perfect and a trek across the land to another town might find one with cuts on their feet from the rocks on the roads.
There would most likely be a market in the town where there were makeshift tents with crude tables displaying anything for sale from hides, to fruit and vegetables, and clothing.  The markets were always busy.
And then there was Jesus. He came into all of these towns a stranger.  He was love in its purest form and his Apostles would spread the word that the Son of God would be ministering at a certain place, perhaps under a tree somewhere.  People would flock to see what this man claiming to be the Messiah had to say.  To say the very least, they were enraptured with the preaching of Jesus. So much so, that many left their towns to follow him just to hear him speak about God's promises. He was the ultimate expert of parables! And sometimes, these parables might confuse some, but to others, it spoke volumes!
Then, there are the miraculous healings, and word of these spread so quickly, that people from all over the region were coming just to touch his robe in the hope of being healed, and they were. Jesus performed these miracles out of his pure love, but to also convince people that he was, indeed, the Son of God and that what he spoke made for a good story, but also gave them a new hope.
Can you imagine living then, seeing and listening to Jesus, and perhaps having a miracle performed before your very eyes?  The Bible says it is so, and that means that it is TRUTH. But he was, for some reason, a threat to others because of his ability to perform miracles, and you know the rest of the story.
I write this dialogue to take you on a journey in your mind; to help you to form a little film of life back then to ponder. I want to provoke thought about that time and how things really were. No cars, no running water, no place to shower or bathe, no toilet facilities that disappear with a mere pressing down of a lever, no refrigeration, and no stores down the street to buy food or clothing, or a meal that is already hot and ready to eat. 
Jesus WAS the church of his Father. Somehow, from his childhood until his death, he had this private relationship with his Father in heaven of which we will never be privy, but that is not what matters.  He obeyed all, he was without sin - that in and of itself is mind-boggling!
The scripture above is a perfect example of FAITH! The first of its kind! Isn't it amazing? These people actually had enough faith in what they had heard about Jesus to bring their sick to him or ask him to come to them, and with a touch people were miraculously healed.  Obviously, this does not exist in our world, but we can BELIEVE in him, ask him for his healing or another need. Then wait patiently showing him your love and faith in him before he will give you your own miracle.  If it is not the will of his Father that you live, you will not live. But the finer thing in this is that in death, you will ALWAYS LIVE!  You live in the Kingdom of God. You will actually see Jesus and talk with him. You will be perfect and well.
If these primitive peoples can believe, so can you! You are no different other than modern technology. The belief in Christ has existed for over 2,000 years.  It is real, and he is there for you to have any time you need him. Christ died for ALL sin for ALL time, so it is never too late for you to turn away from all sin and to give your heart to Him in earnest. Then read about him in the Bible, soak it up learn about Him, learn about the way to the cross, and then set your foot on that narrow path following him to Heaven.
The way I see it, you have nothing to lose by giving your heart to Christ, but you have EVERYTHING to gain! EVERYTHING!
Lovingly in Jesus Christ,

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