Saturday, October 17, 2015


Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent-both are detestable to the LORD.
Proverbs 17:15
Ever since Roe v. Wade, this country has slid long and fast down a muddy bank and it's still sliding.
The guilty are those individuals who make a conscious decision to engage in unprotected sexual relations, taking the chance that they will conceive a child.  What a chance to take with another life, God given and living.
Some of you may have seen the photographs that are very graphic of tiny babies lying on sterile cloths, their arms and legs literally pulled off their bodies.  Their tiny heads are attached to .... nothing.  Once they were living in a comfortable and soothing environment in the womb of their mother, and the next minutes of horror begin.  The suctioning, the forceps, the tearing of the limps and the head, it all begins and what do you know of how this must feel to them. Do not tell me they do not feel a thing and expect me to be stupid enough to believe it! It must feel like pure haites for several minutes, and then they are God's Angels.

Abortion dilates the cervix and pulls the child apart, limb by limb ...
These babies are condemned by the mothers, simple as that. And the mothers are condemning themselves to eternity in haites, in the burning fires of Satan's lair. They care only for themselves and do not realize the responsibility that they hold inside of themselves. They are relieved when the baby is gone and there are probably statistics of which I'm unaware, but I'm sure the majority go right back to engaging in unprotected sex.
What gives a woman the right to decide to murder her child? Laughably, it's the law! Yes, it is THE LAW of the land!
This world is in a very sad state, but especially our inability to save all of the children!
If you are reading this and you are a condemned one, how about walking down to your corner drugstore and buying some type of protection for yourself and the man you're planning to sleep with tonight? Everybody wins, you see?  You get your sex, and no child is conceived, and therefore, there is no abortion.
I have ZERO faith in the U.S. Government and that of individual States. They're passing laws for all kinds of things that were never heard of when I was a teen. Knowledge is power; but it is also very sad.  Keep praying to end abortion and save the babies!
Seems simple enough to me, so what's your problem, other than selfishness to the inth degree! 

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