Tuesday, October 20, 2015


She was sitting outside; it was spring time. She was enjoying the warmth of the sun and seeing all that was waking from the winter hibernation. This was her favorite place to pray. No interruptions, very little sound from the road, and she could cry or laugh, it didn't matter which.

But today, as in many days and months and years, yes years prior, she had been praying to Jesus for an answer to a very deep problem. This problem tore at her heart constantly, and no matter what or whom she had in her life, there was something missing.  And that was what pained her so.

After lifting her prayers to the heavens, she found herself asking Jesus, "why? Why will you not answer my prayer? Father God, I have prayed for so long; why are you silent?" She began to cry and that had become the norm during her prayers.

Once she gathered her emotions, she kept her eyes closed. She could see nothing but the darkness behind her eyes as she tried to clear her head of this depression that enveloped her daily with no end in sight. 

Suddenly, she heard, "My child."

She sat stunned a little, but waited to see if her imagination was getting away from her. Then there it was again. A very clear, soft and gentle voice of a man was whispering to her.

He said, "My child, why do you weep?"  She knew it was Him! And she felt as if she was in a trance-like state, and something glorious was happening!

She began to cry and answered, "I have prayed for so long and still no answer. I am so depressed."

Then He said, "Do you not believe that you are my child?"

"Yes", she said.

"Then why have you no faith and trust in me?", He asked.

She answered, "I have prayed for so long for this and the answers do not come. I do not know what to do!"

Then He replied, "You know you are MY child, and I love you so dearly. It pains me to see you weep. Can you try to stop your weeping?"

She replied, "yes, I can try."

Then He said, "You prayed once and you gave this to ME to handle, so why do you continually pray over and over and weep every time?"

She replied, "My heart is broken and I feel so alone and lost."

He said, "You know that I am with you, my child. I love you in my special way. You must rely upon me and trust me. Now, will you stop weeping and let me handle this for you?"

She replied, "I will do my very best! I know that in suffering, that I am brought closer ever to thee"

His last words, "I love you more than anything and I am with you always. Please do not despair, my child. You are mine."

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  1. Do you believe in a personal Saviour one who can come along side and talk with you. Have you walked with Him on the Road to Emmaus did you recognize, Him or did you walk on, not knowing who the stranger was

    1. It took me a long time to grow as strong as I am in my Faith in Jesus. Jesus walks with me EVERY day and night. He is my persomal Savior! Hallelujah Hallelujah!