Thursday, July 31, 2014


When I was but a toddler, I lived in a place where nobody cared what me and my cousins did. The memory I have is dropping my bottle on the concrete steps and trying to retrieve it, I took a hard hit on my nose. I still have the scar and I'm sure I need surgery as my trouble is growing worse. My cartilage doesn't go straight down my nose. It is sort of an "S" shape only backward. The tip of my cartilage is in my right nostril. It's really odd.

Back to the story, I was about 2 years old and my sister was 18 months older.  I had two male cousins, one about a year older than me and then one that was about 8 years old.  My mother and us lived with my Aunt. My Aunt worked and it was my mother's responsibility to look after us.  I was found wandering around in the middle of winter with only a diaper and t-shirt and no shoes one day.

I guess my grandmother grew tired of my mother's behavior.  They would put us all in bed and turn all the lights off so the house was dark, and then they'd go "honky tonkin'".  My sister awoke one night and wandered through the house. She ended up in the kitchen and got the phone. She was dialing away and she recalls hearing the lady on the other end which was probably the Operator.  She hung it up and went back to her bed.

So, my grandmother took us both to my aunt and uncle's house, my uncle being her baby son. They'd been married maybe 4 years and my aunt was barren.  She walked in and said "here's [names].  You can have them if you want them.  My uncle jumped on it because he did not approve of my mother's behavior.  He was no dummy.  What started as a two-week stay, turned into months and then one year.  At that time, you had to have custody of a child for a year before you could file for adoption.  At that point, my uncle confronted my mother "they've been with us for a year and we love them. You have to make up your mind.  We are attached to them and don't want you to come by one day snatching them from us."

Long story short, she agreed to the adoption as did her ex-husband, my daddy.  I recall feeling puzzled when my uncle and aunt sat us down one day and said, "from now on, you call us Daddy and Mama."  I'd slip because I was so used to uncle and aunt, but they'd gently correct me.

I had a baby brother, but my mother would not give him up.  She had remarried white trash and my brother was raised in a living hell on a farm.  I recall visiting as a child and watching her husband swinging a belt against my brother's back as he ran and finally coward like a scared animal underneath an end table.  My mother had two more children, a girl and a boy.  Their lives were so different than mine.

There was no liquor in our house and we were dressed in frilly dresses and lace hats and white gloves to attend church every Sunday.  My mother loved dressing us alike, but in different colors. We got poodle skirts - my sister's was dark blue and mine was red. PURE JOY! My daddy never spared the rod.  He did what he thought best, and after all, there is no book on how to raise your child that covers EVERY possibility.

Daddy was in the Air Force and he received orders to move 1,000 miles away. They were elated to get us away from the whole environment where we were born and passed around the family for as much as 6 weeks at a time.

The move was a blessing.  My daddy and mama both worked.  I remember when they built their house, and they are still there, but have remodeled and added on a huge dining room and a new kitchen.

They are now 83 years old. My mother had a stroke 4 years ago. It devastated me.  But she has worked very hard to come back to us as much as she can.  She wears a brace up to her knee on her right leg and they were not able to rehab her right arm.  Her whole world, which was living in her kitchen baking and cooking for the sick and donating tons of baked goods to fundraisers. She loved to cook and I took after her.

In between all these years, we had happy childhoods, Daddy taking 2 weeks every summer and we'd go on an adventure vacation.  We usually ended up with friends from the Air Force, but along the way he'd stop at every tourist attraction and we had some really great vacations, seeing and experiencing lots of things most people only see in pictures.  We gave them normal teenage trouble and I apologized to them long, long ago, but they said there was no need.  We were all finding our way.

The last time I was visiting, I sat on my mothers stool to her rocker and I asked her, "Don't you ever get depressed about your situation?"  And just like the woman who carried herself with dignity and grace, holding the Lord close in her life (she read the Bible 2 1/2 times before her stroke), she smiled and said, "No. I can't do anything about it, and if you can't do anything about it, why worry about it?"  Those were some of the most profound words out of thousands my mother has ever imparted to me.

My Daddy was so strict that we were actually non-communicative with one another in our teenage years. I didn't know how to carry on a conversation with him.  But since my 30's, I urged my fear away and I would begin talking to him.  He is now one of my closest advisors.  I trust him explicitly.  And we talk 2-3 times a week.  See, I'm back where it all started and they are a 1,000 miles away.  I can see my Daddy stuttering for his words at times and he's a little humped over, but they have a caretaker for my mother who is awesome, and they love her dearly. Daddy didn't retire from selling Cadillacs for 52 years until he was 81 years old.  He's had a hard time finding his way. He doesn't read, is not mechanically inclined always having hired someone to do whatever needed doing, and he has no hobbies.  He is TOTALLY dedicated to taking care of mother.

If ever I saw a true Biblical marriage where the two are actually one, it is my daddy and mother. They stick by each other no matter what.  I never heard an argument between them in my life.  My mother bites her tongue sometimes and looks at me and I know she's irritated at him, but she will not open her mouth, unless it's behind closed doors.

My life with them in it has been completely idyllic. They are my HEROES.  And I know that time is growing nigh, and they're so far away, but if I need to feel them and be with them, I'm at liberty to fly out anytime.  My daddy loves my husband like the son he never had.  They were always fun people, always doing and going and had lots of friends, which most of them have abandoned them in this time of need.  Why do people do that?  I mean, they could invite them over for dinner or to go out to eat.  They have one couple who is devoted to them and I am crazy about them. I've known them all of my life.  And another across the street who is kinda moody, but they always invite them whenever we go out and go do something fun.

Daddy and mother are the finest of people.  I thank God for them every day, and I tell them how much I love them and receive the same sentiments in return.  There was always lots of hugs and "I love you(s)" growing up.  I'd like to think that I could even come close to being as gracious and wonderful as these two people are.  They day I lose them will be a sad day.  We are the ones they call on, my sister having divorced herself from the entire family 4 years ago.  But I don't mind.  I've been telling them for years that we'd take care of them and they never had to worry and that is what I try to do from such a distance, but even better when I am there.

If ever there were two Christ-like people in the world, it would be them.  I'm not worried that they won't go to heaven; I KNOW God will welcome them gladly, and then I pray I will see them there later down the road.

God created and orchestrated us going to live with them, and finally, the adoption.  My gratitude falls so short because words cannot express how grateful I am.  God is Amazing Grace and he has been with me all of my life.  I realized that years later.  I am a better person for having been raised by them.  By the way, my poor brother was shot and killed at age 29.  If they had allowed him to come with us, he might be alive and a productive human being in society.  That is my greatest regret.

Thank you, my Lord and my God.  You chose us for them and them for us.  I have lived your Amazing Grace all of my life.  And I belong to you mind, heart, body and soul.  Most of all, I love you more deeply than anything or anyone else in my life.

Feeling truly blessed,


My dear friends in Christ,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ and pray that His words will flow through my fingers and be passed on to you.

I oftentimes look at the enormous houses in a multitude of neighborhoods and I ask myself, "what do these people do for a living?"  I mean, there are so many of them that it's mind-blowing. And then I look at my modest house which is more than we need, but I love my home.

However, if Jesus came to me and asked me to give up everything except for the clothes on my back, there would be zero hesitation. 

With the world as it it today, I see many prophecies of The Bible being fulfilled (and many say the same thing, so I add that I really don't like cliche).

I am especially watching the dispute between Israel and the Palestinian rebels for Gaza.  I cannot understand how it happened that this small strip of land-locked land fell into the hands of the Palestinians at the outset.  But I know that God has said in the Bible that this is HIS COUNTRY.  And that there will be wars, and many will die, but he will one day restore it to its original glory.  It will flourish into a great country again, where cows wander the green ranges and eat, people will prosper and there will finally be peace.  Think about it.

The entire world is in turmoil, and a lot of it is aimed at the USA.  China is very quiet, which is disconcerting to me.  Europe, for the most part, has kept their nose out of the defugalty, but the USA has to get involved in EVERYTHING.

Many have died needlessly.  We went into Iraq and took down Saddam Hussein, and the moment we finally get out of there, they begin killing each other - over what?

Our democracy has become a travesty.  I detest our leadership, or the lack thereof.  We have a President who does what he wants no matter what Congress says, so now they have voted to sue him!  A first.

One airliner disappeared completely (and I believe it was hijacked into the Middle East, and I pray the passengers are alive), one crashed right after one was shot down by a missile. Now Obama is in a standoff with Russia, who also has nuclear weapons.

I can see the meaning of God's word that he would destroy the earth by fire, but not before the coming of Jesus Christ and the judgment of souls.  To me, many leaders and their advisors/cabinet/congress have given up their souls by becoming a part of this tug-o-war for who knows what, and it is war even though no shots have been fired at us.  

Terrorism is at a heightened state and the watchful eye of whoever is in charge is trying their best to keep these people out of the country.  But then the illegal people from Mexico are drifting in by the hundreds and I believe they are doing the right thing in taking them to shelters, feeding them, keeping them safe until they sort it all out.  In the end, they will all probably be allowed to remain.  This is a GOOD DEED.

Why can we not live together in peace?  Why is there gossip in children and worse, in their parents?  Do they not know how hurtful this is?  Why do people hurt each other, mentally and physically?  Why are retailers so greedy.  Why are doctors and healthcare astronomically priced where human beings cannot receive proper care?

I realize that I am jumping around here, but if you are getting my drift, I ask you, what have you received in giving up your soul?  All of the above are ways and means of people giving up their souls for gain.  And the odd thing is, they don't even know they're doing it!  If you just practice "doing the right thing to your fellow man", you wouldn't have given up your souls for gain and resulting in hurting others.

And then, what are you doing for Christ?  What good deeds do you practice daily? What kinds of things have you eliminated in your life in order to be more "Christ-like?"  If you have done this as I have, then your life is working for Christ and as the scripture says:

Matthew 16:27-2826"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? 27"For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and WILL THEN REPAY EVERY MAN ACCORDING TO HIS DEEDS.28"Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom."

I do know many who have prospered, yet they keep God at their center and teach their children well.  They attend Mass or their particular Christian church and practice doing what Christ would have them to do.

I was not always a Christian.  I was lost for many years until a health scare in 2005.  Every year I became closer to The Church and my Faith.  But then, I was led by the Holy Spirit to see my calling: to be a Disciple for Christ and to bring more souls to him.  This has enriched my life beyond any words.  I am so very blessed.  I am thankful for you, who come and read my words.  Sometimes it just flows; but, other times I struggle.  Always bear with me because Abbey isn't going anywhere.  I might miss a day or two due to obligations beyond my control, but I'll always be back.

You are one day going to be repaid according to your deeds.  Don't sell your soul to the devil. GIVE IT TO CHRIST and let Him keep it.  Hold onto Him and the Father, for neither will ever abandon you.  I told my son recently when we were talking on the phone and he was feeling down, "Jesus is standing beside you and he has his hand on your shoulder. He is waiting for you to come to him with your troubles so that he can sort them out for you. Don't delay and be sad."

It's all easy enough to understand.  Read it again and think about Verse 28:

.28"Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom."

When he will come, we do not and will never know, but I often look at the skies and imagine what it will be like, and I am hoping I am here to see Him and his angels in the skies.  Some who are reading this might just be the ones who witness the Son of Man coming to His Kingdom.  What a deeply moving experience it will be! So much celebration by His Children! Awesome!




I received the following this morning from John-Paul and Annie from praymorenovenas,com.  People, mostly third world countries, China and the like, are being persecuted and forced into an inability to practice their faith freely.  Please join me and millions of others in praying this most special Novena beginning tomorrow.

I wasn't always involved in praying Novenas, but now I follow John-Paul and Annie and their ministry of publishing these novena prayers and I can tell you without any doubt, these prayers for special need DO WORK! GOD ANSWERS! So don't miss out on being a part of this special Novena to Religions Freedom beginning tomorrow, Friday.

religious freedom

Peace be with you!

This is just a quick reminder that the Religious Freedom Novena starts on Friday - that's tomorrow! 
We're going to start off this novena with A Day of Solidarity for All Persecuted Christians.

We will pray and fast, or offer another sacrifice, for those suffering for their faith around the world, and for peace. In addition to our usual novena prayer, we will also pray a Morning Offering.

Click here to read more about fasting and the Morning Offering prayer for Friday's Day of Solidarity. 

Your friends & family can sign up to pray this novena with us here: 
Thank you for praying with us!

We're praying for you!

God bless you!
John-Paul & Annie -
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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I apologize for giving nothing to your spiritual journey these past few days. We were very busy over the weekend and then I contracted some kind if "bug" that kept me down for two days. I still feel a little washed out, but I will be good as new. I will give something original (by Abbey) soon.

Gob bless you all,
Love, Abbey💖

This Day's Thought from The Ranch 
The eyes of knowledge
see a million stars
burning in the midnight sky.
The eyes of faith
see a million miracles.

John Francis Gainey

This Day's Verse
For thou art my lamp, O LORD: and the LORD will lighten my darkness.
2 Samuel 22:29
The King James Version

This Day's Smile
The exits were entrances in disguise.

Friday, July 25, 2014


July 25, 2014 Message to Marija

Today, July 25, 2014, Our Lady appeared to the visionary Marija and delivered the following message:

"Dear children! You are not aware of the graces that you are living at this time in which the Most High is giving you signs for you to open and convert. Return to God and to prayer, and may prayer begin to reign in your hearts, families and communities, so that the Holy Spirit may lead and inspire you to every day be more open to God's will and to His plan for each of you. I am with you and with the saints and angels intercede for you. Thank you for having responded to my call."


When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message for someone else when you get into the light.
~Oswald Chambers


Very interesting thought expressed by Oswald Chambers.  I remember for years listening to people talking of God speaking to them, or The Holy Spirit.  I was in wonder of it and thought, "how is it that they hear Him speaking to them?"  And I wanted so badly to receive direction from The Holy Spirit and hear God or Jesus Christ calling to me and guiding me in my spiritual journey.

"Be still and listen ...." is easier said than done!

I began with making a full conversion to a life lived to honor Him and Christ.  It was so difficult at first.  I had a lot of bad habits that were not a representation of a true Christian. I had to not curse when that car in front of me suddenly stopped and I had to slam on my brakes throwing everything in the passenger seat in the floor; my purse always ending upside down with the contents on the floor board.

I had to stop being impatient in the grocery store line when a woman was taking too long to write out a check and get out of the way for the next shopper.

I had to stop looking at people and making my own judgments.  How do I know their ultimate situations in life and who am I to judge?

I had to do these things and many, many more.  My prayers began with begging day after day for an answer, and eventually my frustration at having no answer come would send me into crying fits because I could not understand why God was not helping me.

So, I took the advice of a good friend and I calmed myself down spiritually.  I began reading The Bible and it seemed that everything I read was as if it happened yesterday or was happening today.  How could the greatest book in all history speak directly to me.  It was like talking to one of my peers.

My prayers were full of thankfulness, and my petitions ended with "Thy Will Be Done."  

I began praying to my Patron Saint, St. Theresa of Lisieux, and other Saints of particular patronages, to intercede on my behalf.  But the greatest thing was still yet to come.

I had to BELIEVE and strengthen my FAITH as far as I could go with it.  I had to pray, give it to God, and then let Him have it, never praying about it again and believing and having the faith to know that He will answer, BUT when He knows the time is right for all concerned.  

I finally accepted The Holy Spirit FULLY, in my body and in my soul.  That is when I realized that "someone" was speaking to me and guiding me.  It's not so much that I actually hear a voice; it's that the thought, the answer comes to my mind and I have learned to recognize it as a blessing from God.  Or I find myself in the situation of meeting someone and it appears to the both of us that our meeting was "meant to be", a true blessing.

One thing in particular that God has chosen for me is to be with people who are dying. I get this urge that says "you need to go" and I listen to it.  No matter the time, and it's been very late at night a couple of times, I have traveled to places where I know the sick are near death as God has told me to do.  It is a sad, yet very wonderful feeling to be with someone, talking to them and telling them it's okay to go if they see Jesus, only to have them do that in your arms.  To be present when one's spirit floats out of them and into a realm unknown, but known to be the most Amazing Grace ever sends chills throughout my body. My heart is overwhelmed with blessings from God.  To have been chosen for this is a tremendous honor, and it means that he has faith in me.

I think a lot, and oftentimes, answers come out of the blue for things that I have prayed about.  I now talk aloud to the heavens, to God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit, to my Guardian Angel whose presence I feel.  I find myself apologizing to him for not giving him his due for a few days or not just recognizing him.  Of course, he is always forgiving.

These messages ARE precious, and they do bring one into the light of God.  They are blessings from God and I take them quite seriously.  I want nothing more in this life than to live for Him and do for Him as he asks of me.  So far, it has been relatively easy, but He may very well place a more difficult calling on me one day, and I must respond.

Bottom line, stop waiting for a "voice" because you may not hear it, but rather the answer is placed into your mind and this IS GOD speaking to you.  Be sure to thank him for giving you the answer to a particular situation.  Pray to him in thanksgiving, and always exercise humility because it is with humbleness that we will receive the answers that we seek.

With Peace, Love and Gratitude, I pray,

Thursday, July 24, 2014


This Day's Thought from The Ranch
Forgiveness is every person’s deepest need and the greatest quality of being like Jesus.
Franklin Graham

This Day's Verse
He who has a generous eye will be blessed, For he gives of his bread to the poor.

Proverbs 22:9
The New King James Version

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


What I do, you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do.  The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things.  But we can all do small things, with great love and together we can do something wonderful.
~Mother Teresa


Dear, dear Mother Teresa! Where did all her wisdom manifest itself?  I cannot think of a more kind individual in my lifetime than her.  People swarmed to be near her, just to touch her habit.  She took great risks to speak out on topics that were controversial, and as always, she made perfect sense in a Godly way.

Mother Teresa was Albanian, but spent most of her life in India. She is credited with the founding of the Missionaries of Charity.  Today, there are over 4,500 nuns who are members of this Mission.  Members of the order vow chastity, obedience and poverty, along with a fourth vow of giving of themselves fully to the poorest of the poor.

This was Mother Teresa's life's work.  She recognized early when she was a teacher that something big was calling her.  This is where she embraced her calling from God, and never deterred from her mission up to the time of her death.  Amazingly, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.  This was before I had joined the Catholic faith so I have no recollection of this most prestigious honor.  But Mother Teresa was not working for honors here on earth, she worked for God and God alone.

Mother Teresa founded children's and adult counseling programmes.  She drove to create soup kitchens for the hungry, and clinics for the most horrible diseases that nobody would touch.  Remember the leper that Jesus healed after no one would get near the man?

Take a step back and look at your own lives.  What are you doing personally for God?  I know life is really a busy place for young families, but there is a small bit of time everyone can commit to helping others in need.  Our church is filled with young, single people.  What do they do with their time?  Are they out with friends on Friday and Saturday nights, having a good time talking and laughing?  What is your true contribution to those in need for the sake of God?

Are you one who has no job because your husband supplies plenty, but you wake when you want, get your hair and nails done, shop for YOURSELF, and when that time comes during Advent and the Angel Tree is set up in your parish? Do you take and Angel and return witht gifts for the children?  When the food drive occurs and all one need do is take one grocery sack and fill it with can goods and staples, do you give this small sacrifice for those in need?

Every parish needs workers.  You can be a part of one or more ministries: choir, Eucharistic Minister, sponsor a Bible study or attend one offered, altar sodality, working in Youth Ministry, cleaning of your parish, doing yard maintenance, and a lot of others. Which do you give of yourself FOR GOD!  Perhaps you don't look at these ministries as doing God's work, but you couldn't be more wrong.

How about working for the lives of the unborn?  It is such a horror that should draw you to work at a clinic, counseling young women to have their child, even if its to give it up for adoption.  These children are God given.  So you made a mistake, you had sex and there you are - pregnant with a GIFT FROM GOD!  Why has society made it so easy to murder these innocent children, to mutilate them, and then toss them in the garbage?  It is one of the biggest disgraces of humanity.  In fact, I wouldn't call it human at all to murder an unborn child.

This is such a short essay about what YOU can do for God.  Praying is not enough, you have to be pro-active!  If your time is limited, you attend Mass, do you not? Why can you not serve in a Ministry of the Mass?  You can and there is no excuse.

Two thoughts before I go. When I enter God's house, my eyes cannot stop the tears that come.  I go to my chosen pew and get on my knees and the first thing I say is, "Oh dear God, it feels so good to be in your house."  Why then, are there people all over the parish talking in loud voices and going on and on endlessly until the bell rings for Mass.  Do they not realize that there are people who are praying, meditating or saying their Rosary?  If you are one of these guilty people, STOP IT!  If you wish to have conversation, please do it in the Narthex! Do not offend Christ's presence by gossiping or catching up with friends.  You have a place to do it so go there.

The second thing is that I see more and more often, people leaving the sanctuary immediately after having taken the precious body and blood of Jesus Christ! How can you do this in good conscience?  Prayer is what is called for immediately after accepting the host, on your knees, and you stay there until the Sacraments have been completed and your Priest returns to his place to sit on the altar.  Only then do you sit back in your pew.  You WAIT patiently for the closing blessing and hymn, and for the Priest, Deacon, altar servers, and Eucharistic Ministers to file out of the church before you even consider stepping outside that pew!

Mother Teresa spent her life's work in charity, and in prayer. Do you think she would stop her prayers or not say them at all on any particular day because she was in a hurry to get someplace else?  Absolutely not!  She has been beatified and only one miracle need validation and she will be St. Teresa of Calcutta.  Her soul was rich in sacrifice, rich in love, rich in helping the needy, and making this world a better place.

What will you do to make your small corner of the world a better place? Think about it.

"...we can all do small things, with great love and together we can do something wonderful."

God bless Mother Teresa, and God bless each of you with the right choices.

In Christ Jesus,

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The day finally arrived. Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven.

He is at the Pearly Gates, met by St. Peter himself. However, the gates are closed,
and Forrest approaches the gatekeeper.

St. Peter said, 'Well, Forrest, it is certainly good to see you. We have heard a lot about you. I must tell you, though, that the place is filling up fast, and we have been administering an entrance examination for everyone.

The test is short, but you have to pass it before you can get into Heaven.'

Forrest responds, 'It sure is good to be here, St. Peter, sir. But nobody ever told me about any entrance exam. I sure hope that the test ain't too hard. Life was a big enough test as it was.'

St. Peter continued, 'Yes, I know, Forrest, but the test is only three questions.


What two days of the week begin with the letter T?

How many seconds in a year?


What is God's first name?'

Forest leaves to think the questions over. He returns the next day and sees St. Peter, who waves him up, and says, 'Now that you have had a chance to think the questions over,
tell me your answers.

 replied, 'Well, the first one -- which two days in the week begins with the letter 'T'?

Shucks, that one is easy. That would be Today and Tomorrow.'

The Saint's eyes opened wide and he exclaimed, 'Forrest, that is not what I was thinking, but you do have a point, and I guess I did not specify, so I will give you credit for that answer. How about the next one?' asked St. Peter.

'How many seconds in a year?

Now that one is harder,' replied Forrest, 'but I thunk and thunk about that, and I guess the only answer can be twelve.'

Astounded, St. Peter said, 'Twelve? Twelve? Forrest, how in Heaven's name could you come up with twelve seconds in a year?'

Forrest replied, 'Shucks, there's got to be twelve: January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd... '

'Hold it,' interrupts St.Peter. 'I see where you are going with this, and I see your point,

though that was not quite what I had in mind....but I will have to give you credit for that one, too. Let us go on with the third and final question.

Can you tell me God's first name'?

'Sure,' Forrest replied, 'it's Andy.'

'Andy?' exclaimed an exasperated and frustrated St Peter. 'Ok, I can understand how you came up with your answers to my first two questions, but just how in the world did you come up with the name Andy as the first name of God?'

'Shucks, that was the easiest one of all,' Forrest replied.' I learnt it from the song,




St. Peter opened the Pearly Gates,

and said: 'Run, Forrest, run.'

Lord, Give me a sense of humor Give me the ability to understand a clean joke,

To get some humor out of life

And to pass it on to other folks !