Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This little girl is 7 years old! I am stunned at her amazing rendition of our National Anthem!



If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the Northern Lights, as I have not, then you will find this an amazing and beautiful time lapse of the Northern Lights over Norway. Notice the stars moving in some of the sequences and realize that the earth is turning. I have no education on this phenomenon, but I intend to research it. In the meantime, enjoy what is a surreal and beautiful creation of our Loving Father in Heaven.



On this day, God wants you to know ...

... that true faith flowers from and through doubt. If you never questioned your beliefs, you are just a puppet dancing to somebody's strings. If God had wanted your mindless obedience, you would've been created without mind and without free will. But you have both so you can come to God of your own accord. Just look at the lives of saints, most of them had gone through a dark night of the soul, and that's why their faith was so strong. The path to true faith always goes through doubt. So ask those questions you've always been afraid to ask, and find the answers, and then your faith will become unshakable.


Wasn't that an amazing lesson? It makes so much sense, and I can't imagine how anyone could argue against it.

Scroll down so you don't miss the wonderful message from HEARTLIGHT!




But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

~2 Peter 3:10-11


Holiness is that forgotten character virtue that is the Christian's reflection of God, his or her holy and righteous Father. In a day when grace is so easily cheapened, when anything goes just as long as we want to be buddies with Jesus, Peter's words should shock us into reverence - the holy commitment to set our lives apart from the evil and satanic sludge that defiles our world and to offer our bodies, hearts, and minds to do his will and reflect his character.


Holy and Righteous Father, teach me to do your will and reflect your character while offering your grace to others. May the movements of my heart, the thoughts of my mind, and the actions of my life be pleasing to you and reflect your holiness and grace. In Jesus' holy name I pray. Amen.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Shower of Roses

I have been in constant prayer for special intentions and that includes asking my patron saint to intercede for me.  Tonight, I received a "shower of roses" from my dear St. Therese of Lisieux. I was overwhelmed with joy; humbled by her love; moved by the form of her acknowledgment to my prayers.  I hope you enjoy this shower of roses as much as I have.



"You cannot know the day your Lord is coming." ~
Matthew 24:42

This first day of the Church year could be the last day of the world, for we know not the day or the hour. "The Son of Man is coming at the time you least expect" (Mt 24:44). "The coming of the Son of Man will repeat what happened in Noah's time. In the days before the flood people were eating and drinking, marrying and being married, right up to the day Noah entered the ark. They were totally unconcerned" (Mt 24:37-39).

Many are busily getting ready for Christmas, but how many are ready for Christ? What if this Advent didn't mean waiting for His Christmas coming but His actual Second Coming? Would we be busy about many things (see Lk 10:41), or prepared and ready to greet Him when He comes again? (see Mt 24:44) What if today were the world's last day, or your last day? Would you spend Christmas in heaven? "You know the time in which we are living. It is now the hour for you to wake from sleep, for our salvation is closer than when we first accepted the faith" (Rm 13:11). "Let us live honorably as in daylight; not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual excess and lust, not in quarreling and jealousy" (Rm 13:13).

When Jesus comes back this hour, day, Advent, Christmas, year, or whenever, may He see Himself in us because we have "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" and have made "no provision for the desires of the flesh" (Rm 13:14). Come, Lord Jesus!

Prayer: Jesus, come back today, this Advent, or as soon as possible.

Promise:  "The mountain of the Lord's house shall be established as the highest mountain." -Is 2:2

Praise:  Praise Jesus, exalted at God's right hand, Who will come again in glory! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I've waited a whole year to say that to officially begin the Season of Advent, celebrating the birth of Christ, our Savior!  Following is from "One Bread, One Body".  I have to say, this is some of the most wonderful spiritual food that I have ever read.  It touched my heart in its deepest part.  And, it is so uplifting that I could not help but smile. Read it aloud as I did.  It is AMAZING GRACE! Blessings and much love to you and yours.



"Remember, I am coming soon! Happy the man who heeds the prophetic message of this book!"
~Revelation 22:7

Today, on the last day of the Church's year, the Church proclaims to us the last chapter of the Bible. The Bible begins in an earthly paradise and ends in a heavenly paradise. The heavenly paradise is not only the restoration of the earthly paradise, but its fulfillment. (WOW! I never thought of this, or looked at the Bible in this way - amazing!)

The heavenly paradise has a river of life-giving water flowing down the middle of its streets (Rv 22:1-2). On both sides of the river grow fruit-bearing trees of life (Rv 22:2). In the heavenly paradise, there are twelve growing seasons each year (Rv 22:2). There is no sin in heaven, for there God's servants faithfully serve Him (Rv 22:3). In heaven, we will see God face to face (Rv 22:4; 1 Cor 13:12). There, all light comes directly from the Lord, not from electricity or the sun (Rv 22:5). In heaven, we will reign forever (Rv 22:5). This all may sound too good to be true, but the Lord assures us through one of His angels: "These words are trustworthy and true" (Rv 22:6).

The Lord wants to end this Church year the way He started it - by telling us He loves us. He intends to show this love by giving us the perfect happiness of heaven. Let the Lord love you.

Prayer: Father, on this last day of the Church year, may I repent of all my sins and thus remove all obstacles to receiving Your love.

Promise: "Pray constantly for the strength to escape whatever is in prospect, and to stand secure before the Son of Man." -Lk 21:36

Praise: David repented and was baptized just weeks before he died

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Lady's Message to Marija

Today, November 25, 2010, Our Lady appeared to the visionary Marija and delivered the following message:

"Dear children! I look at you and I see in your heart death without hope, restlessness and hunger. There is no prayer or trust in God, that is why the Most High permits me to bring you hope and joy. Open yourselves. Open your hearts to God’s mercy and He will give you everything you need and will fill your hearts with peace, because He is peace and your hope. Thank you for having responded to my call."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I wish each of you a very blessed Thanksgiving Day, filled with the love of God and the presence of your beloved family and friends. Pray for those less fortunate and be thankful to God for all that you have and all that you are.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone, and let the Season of Advent Begin!

THIS DAY'S . . .

Were there no God, we would be in this glorious world with grateful hearts, and no one to thank.

~Christina Rossetti


I give thee thanks, O LORD, with my whole heart; before the gods I sing thy praise; I bow down toward thy holy temple and give thanks to thy name for thy steadfast love and thy faithfulness; for thou hast exalted above everything thy name and thy word. On the day I called, thou didst answer me, my strength of soul thou didst increase.

~Psalm 138:1-3


Thanksgiving is a good thing: thanksliving is better.


Monday, November 22, 2010


St. Cecilia's family was one of the principle families of Rome. According to the cultural custom of the time, Cecilia's family betrothed her to a young man named Valerius. On their wedding night, Cecilia told Valerius that he had sworn to remain a virgin before God and that an angel guarded her body, protecting her virginity from violation. She told Valerius that he would be able to see this angel if he went to a certain milestone along the road. Valerius went, and there encountered Pope Urbanus, who instructed the young man and baptized him.

During that era, it was forbidden to bury the bodies of the Christians. Valerius and his brother dedicated themselves to burying the bodies of all the Christians they found. For this, they were arrested and brought before a judge who ordered them to worship the Roman god Jupiter. They refused and were martyred.

The police then came for Cecilia and advised her to renounce her faith. She told them that she would prefer to die than to denounce the true faith. They brought her to a hot oven with the intention of suffocating her with the hot and toxic gasses it emitted. Instead of choking, Cecilia began to sing, which is perhaps why she is considered the patron of musicians. Infuriated, her persecutors attempted to behead her, but after three strokes of the sword, Cecilia was still alive and her head was not severed. . The soldiers left her covered in blood in her own home, where she remained for three days before she died

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Solemnity of Christ the King

"There was an inscription over His head: 'THIS IS THE KING OF THE JEWS.' "
~Luke 23:38

On this last Sunday of the Church year, we totally commit our lives to Jesus and acknowledge Him as our King and the King of kings. Like the good thief, we may have ignored Jesus' kingship for years or even for our entire lives, but we can repent today. When we say "Jesus, remember me when You enter upon Your reign" (Lk 23:42), Jesus will also reply to us: "I assure you: this day you will be with Me in paradise" (Lk 23:43).

Today we can make or renew a commitment to Jesus, which will have eternal significance. Some people think they don't need to commit their lives to Jesus. They are "good people" who go to church, pray, and have decent morals. Yet all this is only part of being a subject of King Jesus. He rightly demands not just good, prayerful, decent people but people begotten from above (Jn 3:3), new creations (2 Cor 5:17), children of God (Jn 1:12).

To be born again, be made new, and become children of our heavenly Father, we must be baptized into King Jesus (Rm 6:3) and live that new life by faith. This faith will be expressed in total commitment of our lives to King Jesus.

Prayer: King Jesus, thank You for the ultimate privilege of being Your subject. I give all to You.

Promise: "He rescued us from the power of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of His beloved Son. Through Him we have redemption, the forgiveness of our sins." -Col 1:13-14

Praise: All praise to You, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! All hail, King Jesus! Alleluia!

Making The Best Use Of The Time

by Mark Elder

How do you make the best use of the time God has given you here on earth? That’s what we’re going to learn today as we look at Ephesians chapter 5--the 19th highest ranking passage of the Top 20 passages in the Bible.

When Billy Graham was asked what the most surprising thing was to him about life, he responded, “The brevity of it.”

Life is short, and God wants you to make the best use of the time He’s given you here on earth. He doesn’t want you to waste it on sinful activities that, while possibly providing some momentary pleasure, will eventually end up wasting--and even destroying--your life and the lives of others.

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he writes:

“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16).

There are a lot of ways you can spend your days, and Paul spends the rest of chapter 5 comparing and contrasting several of them with practical examples. Here are a few:

In talking about living a life of purity, Paul says: “Be imitators of God. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us....” (Ephesians 5:1-2a). He goes on to say that we shouldn’t have even a hint of sexual immorality, impurity, or covetousness, and adds, “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving” (Ephesians 5:3-4).

In talking about drinking, Paul says: “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the lord with your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Ephesians 5:18-20a).

In talking about relationships, Paul says not to abuse any authority God may have given you--whether it’s between husbands and wives, children and parents, or workers and bosses--but to submit to one another out of love, being willing to give up your life those God has put in your care, as Christ laid down His life for us (see Ephesians 5:22-33 and 6:1-9).

What do you want to be remembered for in life? And how might God want you to use your life to make a mark on this world for Him?

You may have heard of the famous Nobel Peace Prize, named after Alfred Nobel. But you may not have heard that Alfred Nobel was one of the wealthiest arms and weapons manufacturers in the world. When Alfred’s brother died, a French newspaper mistakenly printed an obituary of Alfred instead, with the heading, “The merchant of death is dead.” The paper went on to say that, “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.”

Alfred was so disturbed by this assessment of his life that he decided to change the way he lived it and the way he would be remembered throughout history. He donated the bulk of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes, given annually to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the world in the areas of physical science, chemistry, medical science, literature, and finally “peace.” This man who might have been remembered as the one of the most notorious “merchants of death” is now remembered as the one of the most famous encouragers of peace.

Henry Manning, a priest back in 1884 wrote: “Next to grace, time is the most precious gift of God. Yet how much of both we waste.”

God doesn’t want you to waste the days He’s given you. He wants you to make the best of them. If you’re not sure how to do that, read Ephesians 5 and look for specific things that God might want you to stop, or start, doing with your life. Then do as Paul encouraged the Ephesians to do, “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Ephesians 5:17).

Let’s pray...

Father, thank You for giving us the time we have here on the earth. Help us to make the best use of it that we can. Keep us from destroying ourselves and others by the things that we think and say and do, and help us to bless You and bless others instead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bishop explains how new Mass translation 'reaches up to heaven' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Bishop explains how new Mass translation 'reaches up to heaven' :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Pope Creates 24 New Cardinals Amid Cheers

Associated Press  – Sat Nov 20, 6:23 am ET

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI formally created 24 new cardinals on Saturday amid cheers in St. Peter's Basilica, bringing a mostly Italian group into the elite club that will eventually elect his successor.

Speaking in Latin, Benedict read out each of the names of the new "princes of the church" at the start of the Mass, eliciting roaring applause from the pews and smiles from the cardinals themselves.

Wearing their new scarlet cassocks — to signify their willingness to shed blood for the church — the cardinals processed first into the basilica, waving to well-wishers as organ music thundered in a festive yet solemn atmosphere.

(Continued HERE)



O come, let us sing unto the LORD: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

~Psalm 95:1-2


Joy knows no better explanation than laughter and song. We sing to the Lord because we are joyful! Our music is not inhibited or held back, but exuberant and as full of sound as it is of heart. Thanksgiving brings us into the Father's presence and it is our joy at being saved that leads us to sing.


O most wonderful and glorious God, thank you so much for saving me from sin, death, law, and futility. Thank you for saving me and giving me the assurance, through your Holy Spirit, that I can come before you with exuberant and overflowing joy. Your love and grace have not only given me hope but have made me your child. Hear my heart and be blessed by my songs of praise. In the name of Jesus I pray and will shout your praise forever and ever. Amen.


Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

James 4:7

Friday, November 19, 2010

This Day's . . .

Next to grace time is the most precious gift of God. Yet how much of both we waste. We say that time does many things. It teaches us many lessons, weans us from many follies, strengthens us in good resolves, and heals many wounds. And yet it does none of these things. Time does nothing. But time is the condition of all these things which God does in time. Time is full of eternity. As we use it so shall we be. Every day has its opportunities, every hour its offer of grace.

~Henry E. Manning


“Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.”

~Proverbs 30:5-6


God is always with us, why should we not always be with God?

~William Ullathorne

Thursday, November 18, 2010

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess of Hungary, Feast Day: November 17

Apologies that I am one day late with this, but wanted to post St. Elizabeth's story nevertheless.


Also called St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, born in Hungary, probably at Pressburg, 1207; died at Marburg, Hesse, 17 November (not 19 November), 1231. She was a daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary (1205-35) and his wife Gertrude, a member of the family of the Counts of Andechs-Meran; Elizabeth's brother succeeded his father on the throne of Hungary as Bela IV; the sister of her mother, Gertrude, was St. Hedwig, wife of Duke Heinrich I, the Bearded, of Silesia, while another saint, St. Elizabeth (Isabel) of Portugal (d. 1336), the wife of the tyrannical King Diniz of that country, was her great-niece. In 1211 a formal embassy was sent by Landgrave Hermann I of Thuringia to Hungary to arrange, as was customary in that age, a marriage between his eldest son Hermann and Elizabeth, who was then four years old. This plan of a marriage was the result of political considerations and was intended to be the ratification of a great alliance which in the political schemes of the time it was sought to form against the German Emperor Otto IV, a member of the house of Guelph, who had quarrelled with the Church. Not long after this the little girl was taken to the Thuringian court to be brought up with her future husband and, in the course of time, to be betrothed to him. The court of Thuringia was at this period famous for its magnificence. Its centre was the stately castle of the Wartburg, splendidly placed on a hill in the Thuringian Forest near Eisenach, where the Landgrave Hermann lived surrounded by poets and minnesingers, to whom he was a generous patron. Notwithstanding the turbulence and purely secular life of the court and the pomp of her surroundings, the little girl grew up a very religious child with an evident inclination to prayer and pious observances and small acts of self-mortification. These religious impulses were undoubtedly strengthened by the sorrowful experiences of her life. In 1213 Elizabeth's mother, Gertrude, was murdered by Hungarian nobles, probably out of hatred of the Germans. On 31 December, 1216, the oldest son of the landgrave, Hermann, who Elizabeth was to marry, died; after this she was betrothed to Ludwig, the second son. It was probably in these years that Elizabeth had to suffer the hostility of the more frivolous members of the Thuringian court, to whom the contemplative and pious child was a constant rebuke. Ludwig, however, must have soon come to her protection against any ill-treatment. The legend that arose later is incorrect in making Elizabeth's mother-in-law, the Landgravine Sophia, a member of the reigning family of Bavaria, the leader of this court party. On the contrary, Sophia was a very religious and charitable woman and a kindly mother to the little Elizabeth. The political plans of the old Landgrave Hermann involved him in great difficulties and reverses; he was excommunicated, lost his mind towards the end of his life, and died, 25 April, 1217, unreconciled with the Church. He was succeeded by his son Ludwig IV, who, in 1221, was also made regent of Meissen and the East Mark. The same year (1221) Ludwig and Elizabeth were married, the groom being twenty-one years old and the bride fourteen. The marriage was in every regard a happy and exemplary one, and the couple were devotedly attached to each other. Ludwig proved himself worthy of his wife. He gave his protection to her acts of charity, penance, and her vigils and often held Elizabeth's hands as she knelt praying at night beside his bed. He was also a capable ruler and brave soldier. The Germans call him St. Ludwig, an appellation given to him as one of the best men of his age and the pious husband of St. Elizabeth. They had three children: Hermann II (1222-41), who died young; Sophia (1224-84), who married Henry II, Duke of Brabant, and was the ancestress of the Landgraves of Hesse, as in the war of the Thuringian succession she won Hesse for her son Heinrich I, called the Child; Gertrude (1227-97), Elizabeth's third child, was born several weeks after the death of her father; in after-life she became abbess of the convent of Aldenburg near Wetzlar.

Shortly after their marriage, Elizabeth and Ludwig made a journey to Hungary; Ludwig was often after this employed by the Emperor Frederick II, to whom he was much attached, in the affairs of the empire. In the spring of 1226, when floods, famine, and the pest wrought havoc in Thuringia, Ludwig was in Italy attending the Diet at Cremona on behalf of the emperor and the empire. Under these circumstances Elizabeth assumed control of affairs, distributed alms in all parts of the territory of her husband, giving even state robes and ornaments to the poor. In order to care personally for the unfortunate she built below the Wartburg a hospital with twenty-eight beds and visited the inmates daily to attend to their wants; at the same time she aided nine hundred poor daily. It is this period of her life that has preserved Elizabeth's fame to posterity as the gentle and charitable Cheatelaine of the Wartburg. Ludwig on his return confirmed all she had done. The next year (1227) he started with the Emperor Frederick II on a crusade to Palestine but died, 11 September of the same year at Otranto, from the pest. The news did not reach Elizabeth until October, just after she had given birth to her third child. On hearing the tidings Elizabeth, who was only twenty years old, cried out: "The world with all its joys is now dead to me."

The fact that in 1221 the followers of St. Francis of Assisi (d. 1226) made their first permanent settlement in Germany was one of great importance in the later career of Elizabeth. Brother Rodeger, one of the first Germans whom the provincial for Germany, Caesarius of Speier, received into the order, was for a time the spiritual instructor of Elizabeth at the Wartburg; in his teachings he unfolded to her the ideals of St. Francis, and these strongly appealed to her. With the aid of Elizabeth the Franciscans in 1225 founded a monastery in Eisenach; Brother Rodeger, as his fellow-companion in the order, Jordanus, reports, instructed Elizabeth, to observe, according to her state of life, chastity, humility, patience, the exercise of prayer, and charity. Her position prevented the attainment of the other ideal of St. Francis, voluntary and complete poverty. Various remarks of Elizabeth to her female attendants make it clear how ardently she desired the life of poverty. After a while the post Brother Rodeger had filled was assumed by Master Conrad of Marburg, who belonged to no order, but was a very ascetic and, it must be acknowledged, a somewhat rough and very severe man. He was well known as a preacher of the crusade and also as an inquisitor or judge in cases of heresy. On account of the latter activity he has been more severely judged than is just; at the present day, however, the estimate of him is a fairer one. Pope Gregory IX, who wrote at times to Elizabeth, recommended her himself to the God-fearing preacher. Conrad treated Elizabeth with inexorable severity, even using corporal means of correction; nevertheless, he brought her with a firm hand by the road of self-mortification to sanctity, and after her death was very active in her canonization. Although he forbade her to follow St. Francis in complete poverty as a beggar, yet, on the other hand, by the command to keep her dower she was enabled to perform works of charity and tenderness.

Up to 1888 it was believed, on account of the testimony of one of Elizabeth's servants in the process of canonization, that Elizabeth was driven from the Wartburg in the winter of 1227 by her brother-in-law, Heinrich Raspe, who acted as regent for her son, then only five years old. About 1888 various investigators (Börner, Mielke, Wenck, E. Michael, etc.) asserted that Elizabeth left the Wartburg voluntarily, the only compulsion being a moral one. She was not able at the castle to follow Conrad's command to eat only food obtained in a way that was certainly right and proper. Lately, however, Huyskens (1907) tried to prove that Elizabeth was driven from the castle at Marburg in Hesse, which was hers by dower right. Consequently, the Te Deum that she directed the Franciscans to sing on the night of her expulsion would have been sung in the Franciscan monastery at Marburg. Accompanied by two female attendants, Elizabeth left the castle that stands on a height commanding Marburg. The next day her children were brought to her, but they were soon taken elsewhere to be cared for. Elizabeth's aunt, Matilda, Abbess of the Benedictine nunnery of Kitzingen near Würzburg, took charge of the unfortunate landgravine and sent her to her uncle Eckbert, Bishop of Bamberg. The bishop, however, was intent on arranging another marriage for her, although during the lifetime of her husband Elizabeth had made a vow of continence in case of his death; the same vow had also been taken by her attendants. While Elizabeth was maintaining her position against her uncle the remains of her husband were brought to Bamberg by his faithful followers who had carried them from Italy. Weeping bitterly, she buried the body in the family vault of the landgraves of Thuringia in the monastery of Reinhardsbrunn. With the aid of Conrad she now received the value of her dower in money, namely two thousand marks; of this sum she divided five hundred marks in one day among the poor. On Good Friday, 1228, in the Franciscan house at Eisenach Elizabeth formally renounced the world; then going to Master Conrad at Marburg, she and her maids received from him the dress of the Third Order of St. Francis, thus being among the first tertiaries of Germany. In the summer of 1228 she built the Franciscan hospital at Marburg and on its completion devoted herself entirely to the care of the sick, especially to those afflicted with the most loathsome diseases. Conrad of Marburg still imposed many self-mortifications and spiritual renunciations, while at the same time he even took from Elizabeth her devoted domestics. Constant in her devotion to God, Elizabeth's strength was consumed by her charitable labours, and she passed away at the age of twenty-four, a time when life to most human beings is just opening.

Very soon after the death of Elizabeth miracles began to be worked at her grave in the church of the hospital, especially miracles of healing. Master Conrad showed great zeal in advancing the process of canonization. By papal command three examinations were held of those who had been healed: namely, in August, 1232, January, 1233, and January, 1235. Before the process reached its end, however, Conrad was murdered, 30 July, 1233. But the Teutonic Knights in 1233 founded a house at Marburg, and in November, 1234, Conrad, Landgrave of Thuringia, the brother-in-law of Elizabeth, entered the order. At Pentecost (28 May) of the year 1235, the solemn ceremony of canonization of the "greatest woman of the German Middle Ages" was celebrated by Gregory IX at Perugia, Landgrave Conrad being present. In August of the same year (1235) the corner-stone of the beautiful Gothic church of St. Elizabeth was laid at Marburg; on 1 May, 1236, Emperor Frederick II attended the taking-up of the body of the saint; in 1249 the remains were placed in the choir of the church of St. Elizabeth, which was not consecrated until 1283. Pilgrimages to the grave soon increased to such importance that at times they could be compared to those to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela. In 1539 Philip the Magnanimous, Landgrave of Hesse, who had become a Protestant, put an end to the pilgrimages by unjustifiable interference with the church that belonged to the Teutonic Order and by forcibly removing the relics and all that was sacred to Elizabeth. Nevertheless, the entire German people still honour the "dear St. Elizabeth" as she is called; in 1907 a new impulse was given to her veneration in Germany and Austria by the celebration of the seven hundredth anniversary of her birth. St. Elizabeth is generally represented as a princess graciously giving alms to the wretched poor or as holding roses in her lap; in the latter case she is portrayed either alone or as surprised by her husband, who, according to a legend, which is, however, related of other saints as well, met her unexpectedly as she went secretly on an errand of mercy, and, so the story runs, the bread she was trying to conceal was suddenly turned into roses.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On this day of your life, we believe God wants you to know ...

... that no matter how good you try to be to others, you will occasionally hurt them. Forgive yourself for it.

Don't miss today's Heartlight and a wonderful positive thought below!



For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.

~1 Peter 2:15-16


What does the world most need to hear from me today? A life tuned to the melody of grace that I claim I believe. Doing good, being like Christ, is Peter's answer to 0pposition, cynicism, and even persecution. We are free in Jesus, but being free means that we don't have to pretentiously prove we are free. Instead, we can live for him who died to conquer death and renounced absolute heavenly freedom so we could find it. We are free to serve others, and most of all to serve God.


Holy Father, my Great Emancipator, you have freed me from sin, law, and death at the cost of your precious Son. I open my heart to you today to say I love you. I want to thank you for this gift of incredible redemption. Please accept the actions of my life and the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my mind and the emotions of my heart today as my offering of thanks. In the name of Jesus, my Sacrifice and your holy Son, I pray. Amen.

The Big Picture of Your Life

When you find yourself caught in a trap of your own making , remind yourself that whatever it is you are worring about is only ever part of the big picture of your life.

Look down on your life from the vantage point of an eagle. Think about where you have to come from , what you have already learn-and where you are going. Acknowledge what resources you already have.

Ask yourself gently if you need help and how you will ask for it. Remember tough situations that you have already survived; what you learned; what you gained.

Let yourself see how the situation will look six month from now. Remember some dramas from the past that once loomed large,and are now mere pinpoints in your history.

Appreciate the scale and depth of your life's journey:the complexity of it,the richness of it, the uniqueness of it.

The attention that you give to the details of your life will always be enhanced when you are also able to see and appreciate the more spacious picture of your existence.

~Stephanie Dowrick

Friday, November 12, 2010


My life is one long obstacle course with me as the chief obstacle.

~Jack Paar 


I feel his pain! ;)


Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

~Revelation 16:15

When You Feel Discouraged

Psalm 42:6-11
My God.
My soul is downcast within me;
therefore I will remember you
from the land of the Jordan,
the heights of Hermon from Mount Mizar.
Deep calls to deep
in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
have swept over me.
By day the LORD directs his love,
at night his song is with me
a prayer to the God of my life.
I say to God my Rock,
"Why have you forgotten me?
Why must I go about mourning,
oppressed by the enemy?"
My bones suffer mortal agony
as my foes taunt me,
saying to me all day long,
"Where is your God?"
Why are you downcast, O my soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Saviour and my God.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Message From God

On this day, God wants you to know ....

... that gratitude is good. The more you are thankful for, the more you will have to be thankful for. God responds to a grateful heart with joy.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Message From God

On this day, God wants you to know...

... that circumstances don't make you, they reveal you. How you respond to the life God offers you is what makes you...
Don't miss the wonderful "This Day's" that is below!

This Day's . . .

This Day's Thought was very encouraging to me.  I feel as though it came to me especially from heaven.


The Father never fails to cheer our hearts with sweet surprises of His Grace. He hides them through all our fleeting years, and every day we are finding them: friends old and new, the joys of home, new aspirations, new tasks, new fields of labor, new knowledge, new understandings of the heart of Christ, new experiences with Him. Often they fall into our laps when we are least expecting them. This is God’s antidote for weariness and dullness. We greet each day with expectancy. We grow old gracefully, eagerly waiting to know what is that grandest gift of all- eternal life.

~Costen J. Harrell


And yet, the days will come when all who invoke a blessing or take an oath shall swear by the God of Truth; for I will put aside my anger and forget the evil that you did.

~Isaiah 65:16


As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children; To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.

Psalm 103:15-18, King James Version

Monday, November 08, 2010

This Day's . . .

Do not let us fail one another in interest, care and practical help; but supremely we must not fail one another in prayer.

~Michael Baughen


Ask the LORD for rain in the springtime, it is the LORD who makes the storm clouds. He gives showers of rain to men, and plants of the field to everyone.

~Zechariah 10:1


God takes life’s pieces and gives us unbroken peace.

~W. D. Gough

Sunday, November 07, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

1. She was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup, under the watchful eyes of her young granddaughter, as she'd done many times before. After she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said, "But Grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!" I will probably never put lipstick on again without thinking about kissing the toilet paper good-bye....

2. My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday. He asked me how old I was, and I told him, 62. My grandson was quiet for a moment, and then he asked, "Did you start at 1?"

3. After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair.. As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin. Finally, she threw a towel around her head and stormed into their room, putting them back to bed with stern warnings. As she left the room, she heard the three-year-old say with a trembling voice, "Who was THAT?"

4. A grandmother was telling her little granddaughter what her own childhood was like. "We used to skate outside on a pond. I had a swing made from a tire; it hung from a tree in our front yard. We rode our pony. We picked wild raspberries in the woods."
The little girl was wide-eyed, taking this all in. At last she said, "I sure wish I'd gotten to know you sooner!"

5. My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?" I mentally polished my halo and I said, "No, how are we alike?'' "You're both old," he replied.

6. A little girl was diligently poundi ng away on her grandfather's word processor... She told him she was writing a story. "What's it about?" he asked. "I don't know," she replied. "I can't read."

7. I didn't know if my granddaughter had learned her colors yet, so I decided to test her. I would point out something and ask what color it was. She would tell me and was always correct. It was fun for me, so I continued. At last, she headed for the door, saying, "Grandma, I think you should try to figure out some of these colors yourself!"

8. When my grandson Billy and I entered our vacation cabin, we ke pt the lights off
until we were inside to keep from attracting pesky insects. Still, a few fireflies followed us in. Noticing them before I did, Billy whispered, "It's no use Grandpa. Now the mosquitoes are coming after us with flashlights.."

9. When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, "I'm not sure." "Look in your underwear, Grandpa," he advised "Mine says I'm 4 to 6."

10. A second grader came home from school and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, guess what? We learned how to make babies today." The grandmother, more than a little srprised, tried to keep he r cool. "That's interesting." she said. "How do you make babies?"  "It's simple," replied the girl. "You just change 'y' to 'I and add 'es'."

11. Children's Logic: "Give me a sentence about a public servant," said a teacher. The small boy wrote: "The fireman came down the ladder pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked. "Sure," said the young boy confidently. 'It means carrying a child."

12. A grandfather was delivering his grandchildren to their home one day when a fire truck zoomed past. Sitting in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian dog. The children started discussing the dog's duties. "They use him to keep crowds back," said one child. "No," said another. "He's just for good luck." A third child brought the argument to a close."They use the dogs," she said firmly, "to find the fire hydrants."

13. A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived. "Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we want her, we just go get her. Then, when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."

14. Grandpa is the smartest man on earth! He teaches me good good things, but I don't get to see him enough to get as smart as him!

15. My Grandparents are funny, when they bend over, you hear gas leaks and they blame their dog.

Friday, November 05, 2010


This will have to do it until Sunday afternoon. I'm breaking away from the blog to enjoy some of this very seasonal fall weather.  I just learned last night that we push our clocks BACK one hour this weekend! Oh dread-it, dread-it! I detest that time of year when it is dark at 5:00. But not as much as I used to when I was a member of the full-time working force, driving 28 miles one-way for my job in downtown.  I am now peacefully, and most serenely, retired and living in this small "burb" which is an authentic, old mining town.  We can access any kind of entertainment within 15 minutes, yet enjoy that feel of a small town community, where I am on a first name basis with the mayor, where the little Old Town has buildings from the turn of the century, which are rented for retail space. They stay vacant a lot.  I don't know how many folks I've seen start up a biz in one of those quaint little buildings on Main Street, only to fold a few months later.  People encourage shopping in your own home town, and I do as much as I can, but a candle shop, a brick-or-brack or trinket shop is not going to make it here. How do we draw people into our little town for shopping.

Surely we are a little, tiny Pigeon Forge in our own right.  The "main" drag back into the big city is only six miles away.  I think people feel this is a long way to go to go shopping, but when you actually drive it and learn that it is a mere 6 miles, that helps.  Unfortunately, the secret hasn't gotten out yet!

It was a busy week with voting, three doctor appointments, and now the time changing.  We have football all day tomorrow, I'm making chili, it's time!  My schedule next week is not near as hectic as it was this week.  I got in some exercise at the "Y" on Monday and Tuesday, but after that, by calendar was booked.

The pulmonary doc said I need to try and wear that CPAP and get used to it.  I know it's good for me.  I went to bed and hubs asked "are you not going to wear your mask?"  I smarted off "you don't need to worry about me and that mask!"  I laid there about five minutes and realized that I AM getting used to it because every time I had an episode as I was drifting off to sleep, an episode where I stopped breathing, it woke me startled.  So, I got up and got the mask situated comfortably on my face, turned off the light and slept like a baby until very early when hubs kissed me goodbye, at which time I took the mask off and went back to sleep.  The pulmonary doc asks, "do you feel better when you use it?"  My honest answer is a hearty "YES!"  He took a chest x-ray and my chest is clear. He said, "I don't think I need to tell you to go ahead an quit smoking while you're ahead!"  I concurred.  I've been a "social" smoker off and on most of my life, but, my grandchildren have had D.A.R.E. at their schools and Bailey, being especially sensitive, said, "Mimi, please don't smoke. I don't want you to die."

That young many owns my heart, so quit I must.

My mother will be a 79 years young on Monday, and I have her gift and card in the mail already.  I'm so blessed that Mother and Daddy are so healthy.  The only things of note are their searching for words when they're talking, and my dad is forgetful about some things.  I pray that the Lord will keep them healthy for many more years.  They are still active, take care of themselves, and my dad still goes to the office just for something to do.

Something great has happened in the last couple of weeks.  I have reconnected with someone far away, our disconnection being a huge misunderstanding for which I certainly take my part of the blame.  But, I do not hold grudges, I don't even want to talk about "what happened", I just want a fresh start.  I asked it, and it was granted.  If you find my blog, special person, I'm speaking from the depths of my heart and soul, and it is a sincere new beginning.  It was all so unnecessary, but I seem to be the only one taking any of the blame upon myself, making the apologies, some for things I didn't have a part in, just for the sake of bringing people back together.  I'm a big girl, and if I must carry the yoke for everyone, then it is because God gave it to me, and He knows that I am strong enough to do what needs doing and to forgive what needs forgiving.

I am so in love with God and Jesus, and our Blessed Mother, Virgin Mary!  I have never known such peace and happiness, and since I have found it, I have it chained with a lock that not even Satan can open.  I am His, body, soul and spirit, from here through all eternity. Amen!

Everybody have a blessed weekend! I hope YOUR team wins, unless YOUR team is playing mine! I'm rolling with the Alabama Crimson Tide a/b LSU .... we have LSU's former coach, Nick Saban, and I was a Nick fan before he became popular in these parts.  Okay, it was a superficial attraction, he is a handsome man, but moreover, I have learned he is one helluva coach!


Much love,

From "On Bread, One Body"

Philippians 3:17-4:1, Psalm 122:1-5, Luke 16:1-8
Link to Readings: HERE
Volume 26, No. 6


"As you well know, we have our citizenship in heaven; it is from there that we eagerly await the coming of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ." -Philippians 3:20

This reading from Paul's letter to the Philippians is often used at funeral liturgies. Families take comfort in the hope of their loved one being a "citizen of heaven." This reading is not only a good one to die with, it is truly one to live each day of our lives. Realizing that our true home is in heaven shows us how we should live our lives right now.

The great saints and spiritual writers of the centuries refer to this holy way of living as "detachment." By not allowing undue affection for created things, detachment keeps our eyes focused on heaven. "Beloved, you are strangers and in exile; hence I urge you not to indulge your carnal desires. By their nature they wage war on the soul" (1 Pt 2:11).

While everything God created is good (Gn 1:31), "no man can serve two masters. He will either hate one and love the other or be attentive to one and despise the other" (Mt 6:24). Detachment lets us follow God in total freedom. The Bible and Church history are filled with examples of saints who joyfully gave up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or lands (Mt 19:29).

Focusing on our heavenly citizenship is a great way to die. Yet being detached from creatures so as to more closely follow the Creator is an even greater way to live.

Prayer: Father, remove from my life anything that keeps me from totally following You.

Promise: Jesus "will give a new form to this lowly body of ours and remake it according to the pattern of His glorified body." -Phil 3:21

Praise: Losing both house and job spurred James to detach from material things and focus on the things of heaven.

Paraprosdokian Sentences

A paraprosdokian (from Greek "παρα-", meaning "beyond" and "προσδοκία", meaning "expectation") is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part. It is frequently used for humorous or dramatic effect, smetimes producing an anticlimax. For this reason, it is extremely popular among comedians and satirists.

Some paraprosdokians not only change the meaning of an early phrase, but also play on the double meaning of a particular word, creating a syllepsis.

  • I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.
  •  Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
  • I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
  • Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.
  • The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.
  • Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  • If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.
  • We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.
  • War does not determine who is right -- only who is left.
  • Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  • The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
  • Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening,' and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.
  • To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.
  • A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. My desk is a work station.
  • How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire.
  • I thought I wanted a career; turns out I just wanted a pay check.
  • Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says "If an emergency, notify:" I put "DOCTOR."
  • I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
  • Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
  • Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut and still think they are sexy.
  • Why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?
  • Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.
  • A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
  • You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.
  • The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!
  • Always borrow money from a pessimist. He won't expect it back.
  • A diplomat is someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you will look forward to the trip.
  • Hospitality: making your guests feel like they're at home, even if you wish they were.
  • Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.
  • Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.
  • There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.
  • I used to be indecisive. Now I'm not sure.
  • I always take life with a grain of salt... plus a slice of lemon... and a shot of tequila.
  • When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.
  • You're never too old to learn something stupid.
  • To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.
  • Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
  • A bus is a vehicle that runs twice as fast when you are after it as when you are in it.
  • If you are supposed to learn from your mistakes, why do some people have more than one child?
  • Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

This Day's . . .

God be in my head,
And in my understanding;
God be in my eyes,
And in my looking;
God be in my mouth,
And in my speaking;
God be in my heart,
And in my thinking;
God be at my end,
And at my departing.

~Old Sarum Primer, 1558


Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth. Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowlers: the snare is broken, and we are escaped. Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

~Psalm 124:6-8

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This Day's . . .

I'm so far behind today ..... nothing like waking up to cold rain and having to get out in it! Election night was exciting, wasn't it?  I've been going through a series of diagnostics (I sound like an old jalopy; come to think of it, I AM an old jalopy), checking everything out, making sure the ticker and the innerds are working okay.  I saw my pulmonary specialist today and got a hearty thumbs up! The only problem I'm having is with my knees.  My orthopedist is such a dear; he's trying everything to keep from having to do surgery, but nothing is working.  I see him tomorrow and I plan to respectfully ask him to get an MRI of both knees.  Something bad is going on there; they are hurting so much and it's affecting my lifestyle.  Hope you all enjoy This Day's . . . even tho the day is almost over!


Patience with ourselves is a duty for Christians and the only humility. For it means patience with a growing creature whom God has taken in hand and whose completion he will effect in his own time and way.

~Evelyn Underhill


O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

~Isaiah 25:1


Instead of a gem, or even a flower, cast the gift of a lovely thought into the heart of a friend.

~George MacDonald

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Before I post the Press Release from The Cardinal Newman Society, I want to remind my readers that I usually post more than one or two items on any given day.  So please do scroll down to be sure you don't miss something.  This press release just came and I felt it vital to post it, but there are two other posts for today beneath this.  I enjoy your visits and of course, all comments or prayer requests!


For Immediate Release

November 2, 2010

Obama Administration Threatens Independence of Catholic Colleges

Manassas, Va. -- In its latest threat to the religious liberty and independence of Catholic colleges and universities, the Obama administration has issued new regulations that open the door to possible state intrusion into curriculum, student policies and hiring decisions.

The regulations issued Friday effectively force many states to increase oversight of postsecondary education through state chartering or licensing, which is a necessary condition for colleges to participate in federal student aid programs.

Most Catholic colleges accept low-cost federal student loans and grants. If forced to forego federal aid, these colleges would be at a disadvantage in recruiting students.

"The door is opened for state politicians and bureaucrats who would impose their social agendas on private and religious colleges," warned Patrick J. Reilly, President of The Cardinal Newman Society.

"Already the Obama administration has seized direct ownership of student loans, and now a college's eligibility for student loans is subject to the political whims of its state legislators and regulators. Many states have demonstrated callous disregard for the religious identity of Catholic colleges, from mandating contraceptive coverage in student and employee health plans to requiring employee benefits for same-sex couples."

Although the Higher Education Act has long required state authorization for a college to participate in federal aid programs, many states do not aggressively monitor colleges and their consent was assumed unless otherwise reported to the U.S. Education Department. The new regulations require state approval of colleges "by name" and a state process "to review and appropriately act on" complaints about any approved institution.

When issuing the regulations Friday, the Education Department acknowledged that it had received complaints from college leaders that "a State's role may extend into defining, for example, curriculum, teaching methods, subject matter content, faculty qualifications, and learning outcomes." Others feared that states might "impose homogeneity upon institutions that would compromise their unique missions."

In response, federal officials agreed that the new regulations do "not limit a State's oversight of institutions."

Last year, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled that Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic institution in North Carolina, must cover birth control in its employee health insurance plan despite the college's religious objections. An appeal to the EEOC is under review.

Catholic colleges and students may also not be protected from similar mandates for abortion and contraceptive insurance coverage under the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—i.e., President Obama's health care overhaul.

After the EEOC ruling against Belmont Abbey College, The Cardinal Newman Society launched its project to defend the religious liberty of Catholic colleges through its division, The Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education. The Center published three papers—from experts in law, health insurance and ethics—to help Catholic colleges defend against government mandates for employee health benefits that violate Catholic morality.

Later this month, the Center will release a new legal analysis prepared by a prominent legal interest organization on steps Catholic colleges must take to defend themselves against increasing threats to their Catholic identity.


Post Note: The "government" scrutinizes every "pebble" that is an indication of mixing church and state.  Yet, the Obama administration is bent on interferring with our parochial (and private) collegiate system.  Yes, I am angry!


I sat in quiet with my eyes closed and my heart turned to God and listened to this beautiful Psalm .... I found myself smiling .... God is so Great...


Billy Graham's Prayer For Our Nation

I grew up watching Billy Graham's powerful sermons because my mother and dad were devoted followers of his revivals. Looking at his photograh below make ms a little sad. It will be a hard day for the people in this country when they lose this precious man. I don't do the "forward to "X" number of people within "X" hours and promising some kind of reward. But I pass this on to you because I believe in it!


O what might happen if we all pray this prayer!

Current Age: 90

Truth........... from a man the media has never been able to throw dirt on..... amazing!! He has certainly hit the "world" on the head!!

Billy Graham's Prayer For Our Nation

'Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word says,

'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have done.

We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values.

We have exploited the poor and called it the lottery.

We have rewarded laziness and called it welfare

We have killed our unborn and called it choice.

We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable.

We have neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem.

We have abused power and called it politics...

We have coveted our neighbor’s possessions and called it ambition..

We have polluted the air with profanity and pornography and called it freedom of expression.

We have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment.

Search us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from every sin and Set us free. Amen!'

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on his radio program, 'The Rest of the Story,' and received a larger response to this program than any other he has ever aired.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over both our nations and wholeheartedly become our desire for our North American Continent.

One Nation Under God.

Our Lady's Message to Mirjana Today, November 2, 2010

Our Lady appeared to the visionary Mirjana today, as she does on every 2nd of the month, to pray with Mirjana for unbelievers.

This is the message given by Our Lady:

"Dear children; With motherly perseverance and love I am bringing you the light of life to destroy the darkness of death in you. Do not reject me, my children. Stop and look within yourselves and see how sinful you are. Be aware of your sins and pray for forgiveness. My children, you do not desire to accept that you are weak and little, but you can be strong and great by doing God's will. Give me your cleansed hearts that I may illuminate them with the light of life, my Son. Thank you."

Note: In various interviews and public appearances, the visionary Mirjana has warned about people who publish additional commentary about the messages and give their own interpretations. Our Lady, she insists, is already giving us messages that are in very simple terms, and no outside explanation is necessary. Each person should interpret the messages in his or her own heart through prayer

Monday, November 01, 2010

All Saints Day


"Everyone who has this hope based on Him keeps himself pure, as He is pure." -1 John 3:3

Why does impurity abound in modern society?

* "Hope is the confident expectation of divine blessing and the beatific vision of God; it is also the fear of offending God's love and incurring punishment" (Catechism, 2009). Accordingly, those lacking in hope will not be afraid to offend God by impure actions and lifestyles. Based on its rampant impurity, modern society must be lacking in hope.

* The only solid hope is hope based on Jesus, which leads people to keep their lives pure (1 Jn 3:3). When people place their hopes in worldly things such as prosperity, relationships, or status, that is an empty hope incapable of producing the fruit of purity and holiness.

The pure of heart shall see God (Mt 5:8, JB) as He truly is (1 Jn 3:2). Do we want to see Jesus as He truly is? Or would we rather see the latest popular movie or TV show, with all its impurity blatantly displayed for all present to see and hear?

Do we even want to be pure? Then we must imitate the saints who have gone before us by directing our thoughts to all that is pure (Phil 4:8). "Purify your hearts" (Jas 4:8). "Keep yourself pure" (1 Tm 5:22). "Call on the Lord in purity of heart" (2 Tm 2:22). Hope in Jesus, and you will not be disappointed (Rm 5:5).

Prayer: Father, may I desire a pure heart and a pure lifestyle far more than I desire pure water to drink and pure air to breathe.

Promise: "Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord? or who may stand in His holy place? He whose hands are sinless, whose heart is clean." -Ps 24:3-4

Praise: All you angels and saints, praise the Lord!


Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14, 1 John 3:1-3, Psalm 24:1-6, Matthew 5:1-12

Link to Readings:  CLICK HERE


Matthew 11:28-30 ~ 28 “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavily burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart; and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."